How To Buy Bitcoin With Gift Cards On Paxful - Step by Step

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hey what's up guys you're watching huh

core crypto and my name is great btc

and i have made pretty much every video

to do with cryptocurrency but one thing

that i

haven't shown you guys is how to buy

bitcoin on paxful using

gift cards yes you can use gift cards

to buy bitcoins okay i got all these

types of gift cards

but here we're gonna use the itunes the


uh app store gift card here to buy some

bitcoin i will show you how to do that

and um just make sure uh for you to do

this you're gonna need a paxful

account and the link to paxful is in the


make sure you use the link in the

description to go to paxful

and you might wonder why would anyone uh

want to buy bitcoin with uh with a gift

card okay if you live in an area where

you have no any other way to be to buy


that you cannot use your credit card you

don't have an official exchange in your

country a local exchange

um and you don't even have the means to

be able to transfer money so that you

can buy bitcoin from someone on a

peer-to-peer platform like paxful

a gift card is one of the easiest way to

do it because you know it's allowed any


when you buy this you can pretty much

buy bitcoin from anyone

anywhere in the world so let me show you

guys how to do this uh once you have

signed up make sure you get verified

and let's go so we on paxful's platform

right here

um and we want to buy bitcoin so paxful

has over 300 methods

that allow you to buy bitcoin by the way


you need to know we're looking for a way

to buy bitcoin using

a payment method of gift cards so i'll

go here on gift card

and i'll go gift cards and it's showing


um all sorts of gift cards but what

we're using now

is this one the app store or itunes gift

cards so we're gonna go

on here itunes gift card

and it's asking me

which currency do i wanna

deal with i'm in south africa so choose

the south african rand you can if you're

in whatever country you're in you can


your own currency and

i'm just gonna search for offers so

so what you're looking at here my

friends are sellers of bitcoin in

in south africa as you can see here and

my location i selected south africa

because that's where i'm at

i can also choose anyone from anywhere

if i want i can choose worldwide meaning

that it will show me

sellers from all different places but it

will prioritize people that i within my

uh my jurisdiction my country so um

patswa arranges them from the best


uh seller to the list so you can see

that you know these guys

are selling at different price points

but they are

um they are different sellers and they

sell at different prices

so you consider price obviously but you

also consider other factors like how


uh sales have this guy done before you

know so that you can be able to trace


uh their legitimacy is it legitimate

traders have been around for a very long


they are so those are the best people

that you need to buy from because you

know they've

served a lot of people they have a lot

of reviews and this guy

has the best price because he's only um

i'm on i'm making 74 to the dollar

if i buy with him whereas to get to a

guy like this

he's selling bitcoin at a very high

price i'm only taking 50

to the dollar if i buy from him which is

ridiculous so i'm going to try this


guy here his name is sikhi let's go siki

sell us some bitcoin sikhi and i'm gonna

put 250

and i'm getting 186 from this deal and

i'll go

by now i understand the risk and proceed

yes let's go and here's sikki siki seems

to be

in china which is perfectly fine and

that's the power of bitcoin

in paxful that it allows you to buy

bitcoin from pretty much anyone in the


and also this represents an opportunity

for you meaning that you can also sell

bitcoin from pretty much

anyone in the world so as you can see

here he said

uh please upload a clear picture to me

so i need to take a picture

of the gift card and also uh

so i need to take the clear picture of

the gift card and send it to him the

gift card comes like this

so i'm gonna detach and then i'm gonna

scrub through this right i'm gonna


make sure it's open and then i'm gonna

upload it for him so let's do that

here we go uh open it

and boom and here we go i opened it up

and i'm gonna take a photo of this and

send it to the guy

and i'll click upload you can also do

this on your phone obviously

and i'm just going to take my

um i will take the picture and just drop

it in here or if i want i can click

this button and to upload or

alternatively you can

click the camera um icon and it will use


laptop camera or your computer camera or

your phone camera to take

the picture so i will put it on here and


it's uploading boom

and uh it uh it is uploaded right now

and then if he verifies that it's real

and it works

he will then uh release the bitcoin for

me and as you can see here on the side

it actually says that hey um and i have

to click pay by the way sorry so here

i have to click paid to make sure i've

read anything

yes i've paid so only click paid when

you have

actually done um the the

verification you have sent everything

you have to click paid

so that um you know packs for knows or

if there's a problem you can

uh pretty much log dispute

and boom already you can see here he has

already released my bitcoin

almost immediately so success seller has

released bitcoin

to buy its wallet and if you can see

here my

you probably see that my um my amount

has increased by a little bit because

it's now

in my bitcoin wallet okay i'm just going

to say

thank you so much and i'll leave him a

great review a positive one and all


great great seller

very fast and submit

feedback done

so so that's pretty much it guys it's

very easy i'm sure you'll be able to do

this on your own

to buy to buy bitcoin and packs for

using gift card is very easy

and you can you also use all sorts of

gift cards um

you know i have uber here netflix uh all

sorts of gift cards

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stay awesome

and stay blazed i wish you the best on

your hustle with paxful

it's an incredible uh platform just make


that you're safe and also just make sure

that you you evade your sellers you just

don't buy from anyone or sell from

anyone you make sure that the person

is verified as id and phone number


and otherwise your god stay fantastic

what's on my lips right now

crazy anyway thank you guys for watching

i'll see you

on the next video stay awesome remember

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i wish you more money