How To RETURN or REPLACE AMAZON Items (And Get Money Back)

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I recently had to return a product on

Amazon for the first time and I thought

it might be useful to show people how I

did it as I went through the process I

actually got refunded without needing to

return the item I'll show you how I did

this firstly open up Amazon and make

sure you are logged into your account

the process is the same on phones and

desktops click on the three lines in the

top left-hand corner click on your

orders and select the order you would

like to return in my case I ordered the

wrong size drill bit so I didn't need it

you'll be scroll down you'll find a

section that says need help with your

item it's here that you'll be able to

return or replace an item it will

normally have a date on it when you can

still claim a refund after clicking on

it you will be asked why you want to

return it select the most appropriate

option select continue and add a comment

if you wish to add further information

for example if the item is defective you

might want to explain how continue again

you see this screen asking how can we

make it right you have two options

exchange the item or just return it and

get a refund I clicked on exchange to

see what options came up they displayed

what looks like things I may have looked

at in the past

none of them relevant to me now and none

that I want you can select one of these

otherwise select refund click to confirm

you will return the item and click

continue now they ask how you will

return the item the options displayed

may be different for you depending on

what country you are in

I'm in the UK so I get these options

here you may also get a courier pickup

option but I don't have that once you

click confirm your return you will be

emailed a return label to print out or a

return shipping code to show at the

drop-off point just to touch the return

label to the product you are returning

making sure to remove all cover your

personal details and drop it off or show

your code at the drop-off point I ended

up clicking on refund and they started

processing my refund and actually told

me not to return the prod

I guess the low value of the item is not

worth their time and effort or the

customers time and effort so I just got

my money back and still kept the item

the item was only a couple pounds and

not worth much anyhow in most cases that

won't happen and you will need to return

your item before getting refunded they

were funded me the money instantly and

now I have a spare drill bit that might

come in handy in the future I just have

to look around my house to find things

to drill into so that's the process of

how to return Amazon items and get


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