How to Buy and Sell the Iraqi Dinar IQD

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hi guys sandy Ingram here welcome to the

education matrix channel in today's

video we are going to talk about buying

and selling the Iraqi dinar and other

exotic currencies how and where you can

purchase foreign currencies and hold as

an investment not everyone uses the

forex market to invest in foreign

currency are you ready then let's get

started first I want you to know that

all of these sites that I'm getting

ready to share with you they buy Iraqi

dinars and what I want you to understand

is that you are not alone in this

investment even the US government has at

least 35 billion Iraqi dinars many

people say they have a lot more I cannot

find the documentation for that all I

know for sure is that America and the

great many other countries throughout

the world hold the iraqi dinar as an

investment and we will talk about how

you too can purchase foreign currency

and hold as an investment like you have

done with your itd just hold up now as

far as selling your Iraqi dinars I just

want to show you some websites here and

this is just from the first page of MSN

our search exchanger record in ours now

paying $900 per million here's another

one it doesn't really say the exact

amount but they are located let's see it

doesn't really say where they're located

on here but it's like number 2 or 3 in

the search engine on MSN here's another

one they want you to tell the

denomination of the money and then they

talk about how they do the exchange

here's another one now this one let's

see this is the one that's in Las Vegas

simple friendly and reliable service

they also sell Iraqi dinar and then here

is another one we buy and sell the Iraqi

dinar safe fast reliable now I'm not

encouraging you to sell your Iraqi

dinars on any of these particular

websites on any any of the websites I

believe that the best place to sell your

Iraqi dinars is on ebay and/or Amazon

it's much easier to check out the

listings on eBay and set up a listing

very much like the ones that are

successful and popular on eBay and sell

your Iraqi dinars that way from the

different websites you can see exactly

what people are paying now these

websites should tell you something else

they should tell you that keeping your

Iraqi dinars is a good idea anytime

there's that many websites and this is

only like I said from the first page if

any times that many companies small

one-person companies or small financial

companies that want to buy your currency

it's time for you to think about keeping

it and I know it's been a long road for

some of you who have held your Iraqi

dinars for well over for over ten years

we've been waiting a long time and very

little has happened so if there's any

other way that you can do what you need

to do without selling your Iraqi dinars

and figure out how you can maintain your

Iraqi dinar investment now let's look at

phase three of this video let's get into

purchasing more currency to hold as an

investment let's say you're not

interested in the learning curve

associated with learning how to trade in

the forex market online you are not

alone there are a lot of people are just

not really interested in that trading on

the forex market however you know that

foreign currency investment is a good

investment you believe in the investment

obviously or you would not have

purchased Iraqi dinars in the first

place you'll understand the concept and

you see the markets going up and down

now why not expand your foreign currency

investment outside of the iraqi dinar

and buy or purchase foreign currency and

hold it just like you're doing your

Iraqi dinar you can purchase exotic

foreign currency that's what the forex

market calls all of these undeveloped

countries currency is exotic you can

purchase these in different places

online and I will leave a blood our link

in the description maintain and hold

your currency until it goes up and this

applies to the Vietnam dong and other

currencies that you feel comfortable

with holding for a long period of time

now a long period of time could be 30

days or it could be 30 months it depends

on what the market does but if you don't

want to trade online in the forex market

you don't have to in order to get into

the game and make a profit