How To Turn Your iPhone 6/6S Into an iPhone 7!

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hey guys everything Apple Prue here and

I wanted to make a cool little video

about a mod that can make your iPhone at

six or iPhone 6s look just like the new

iPhone at seven so give your old dated

device a new look fresh look so this

could be particularly useful for devices

that are bent out of shape just damaged

you know looking pretty bad as far as

wear goes you can make it look brand new

and it'll have the new design so I'm

going to show you guys I do have this

new shell available and I do have it in

both the plus and non plus sizes but I'm

going to show you the regular one first

that I have ordered maybe like a month

ago and it finally got here so what we

got here is a replacement housing in the

style of the iPhone 7 so I want to see

how close it is to that first before I

go ahead and install it and basically

just give you a little mini review of

this how I installed it you know is it

worth it making your device look brand

new now obviously it's not going to fool

anyone that's really trained to know

their devices but let's see how this


oh wow that's actually really really

clean so it has the same text as the

iPhone 7 so you don't get the old FCC

labels anymore which is in my opinion

the best part about this let me turn the

brightness down just a little bit and

wow I'm actually impressed so obviously

the camera placement here is going to be

a little bit different it's a little bit

higher up not so much in left obviously

we're working with what we have on the

iPhone 6 but it does have the raised

edge just like that so it emulates that

instead of having the border ring you

know have a raised curve to it it looks

incredibly similar like from a distance

if I were to look at it and the antenna

bands being the number one indicator of

an iPhone 7 for me I'd be able to think

you know that looks like an iPhone 7

except hey it has a headphone jack so

that is really really cool I'm impressed

so obviously this is an OEM but it has a

really good om iPhone

and look and I'm going to go ahead and

swap over everything from my iPhone 6

into here and I'm gonna show you guys

how to turn your old 6 or 6s into a

brand spanking new iPhone a7 so that is

really really cool inside of the kids

you get some tools and I'm going to try

and perform this repair using the tools

they give me I have more professional

ones but just for the sake of it I'm

going to try and do it with this I've

got an iPhone 6 here really nothing

wrong with it but this is going to be

the donor for this video it is

jailbroken and all that so here we go

and I wanted to show you the iPhone a

seven plus one as well so look at that

also with the antenna bands removed and

this one looks a little bit worse but

they tried to emulate the dual camera

and obviously it's not the same but yeah

there's that so it's a lot smaller than

the original but the placement is better

definitely on this one so you can

emulate the seven-plus look as well four

6s plus or 6 plus but we're focusing

just on the iPhone 7 1 in this video so

here we go I've done this a couple times

I'm not very very uh savvy when it comes

to repairing stuff but I get around I

got good tools for it so I'm going to

try and use these but I'm hoping I'll be

able to handle this I don't have too

much history in this but you know for

the sake of it I'm not gonna show you

every little detail it's just a pretty

straightforward swap so time-lapse for

you showing the entire process the most

important thing is if your guys are

going to do this have the battery

stickers underneath the phone ready to

go so when you're going to take the

battery off there are two stickers

underneath and you need a replacement

right away to keep the battery centered

in there so yeah that's pretty much it

and I would recommend you guys get one

of these no brand in particular but they

sell them on ebay just so you have a

really neat way to put all these stuff

from the internals on here while you're

swapping them it comes in handy it's

like five six bucks or something like

that but it's totally worth it okay so

here it goes guys enjoy alright so got

our tools over here make sure the phone

is off and first one you want to use is

little heck

tool to remove the screws on the bottom

this is like the easiest part and I

would say this swap is definitely not

easy but it's very manageable as long as

you have the I fix-it guide and a little

placeholder for all the screws it's

really much easier so I'm going to put

these on here that's basically the idea

just to catch them and it's magnetic too

which is kind of cool

alright so plunger and you're going to

use a little glue tool around the edges

while it's going up you want to pry the

edges whoop sex that I'm Lee turned it

on during time and turn it back off you

do not want to phone on during this

process so I can remove this guy pry

this up and if you guys want to go ahead

and unscrew everything from in here and

we're going to pop out the display first

it's very important to note the position

of these screws on here as they are all

different lengths by the smallest amount

and you wouldn't even know it so be very

careful to note where these screws came

from I hate these screwdrivers man they

suck I just want to show you guys it's

possible to do with the basic set they

give you but man does a good tools that

make this job so much easier go ahead

and gently pop out all of the display

tabs and it is separated so you can set

that aside yeah right sorry so I just

can't do it the screwdrivers that they

give you are acceptable but making life

so much more difficult more than it

needs to be right now

so I'm going to go ahead and use a mine

um just so much easier than applying so

much force on those and if that battery

part fails you go again with the famous

credit card failure method alright so I

just installed the buttons this no doubt

was the hardest part of this entire

installation so what you guys need to do

is take off the little metal bracket on

the button the little metal piece in the

middle apply them to the existing rose

gold one or the new one as

they don't come with those pre-installed

for some reason and once you do get

those in there you feel that satisfying

click then you guys know you did it well

so moving on that's the hardest part now

begins the re installation of everything

iso repealing the logic board connector

to the Lightning adapter now this is not

going to be an easy one could use a

little nudge out there we go alright so

begin reapplying all of this to this guy

right here so in goes the headphone jack

make sure the microphone is inserted

properly and all of this good stuff -

I'm so plugging in the battery putting

in the SIM card so we're almost to dawn

here all right so what's the left is to

go ahead and put the display on and

power this bad boy up man that took a

while so I am pretty inexperienced in

this but I did manage to go through just

fine got everything installed and before

popping the screen back in the moment of

truth make sure everything is plugged in

correctly it'll tell you everything if

it turns on or not so here we go three

two one and fingers crossed

not getting anything okay so looks like

the power wasn't plugged in properly

back here so once I went and reinserted

that it sprung to life

alright so sliding the display in up top

and popping it in here is the finished

product and I must say guys I am very

very impressed I did not think that

something coming from China like a

housing like this would impress me this

much but it gives your old iPhone a

brand brand new look very fresh so aside

from the camera that's the only thing

that's a little bit off this thing looks

like the real deal it's the iPhone 7

with the headphone jack that's the best

part so build quality is fantastic the

color is on par with the actual rose


here's how it looks right next to the

official one so it's a little bit

lighter when you put them right next to

each other but looking at them in person

when the light isn't bouncing off of

them it looks very very even the antenna

bands are very well matched the cameras

they did the best they could with what

they had the fonts everything looks

fantastic it's very very even yeah it's

even still thinner just like the

original iPhone 6 so that was pretty

difficult I must say like on a scale of

1 to 10 I was probably a 7 for me it

wasn't easy but I think it was certainly

certainly worth it so how much does this

cost I believe it was like 30 to 40

dollars for this new housing and I'll

leave a link to where I got it from down

below but I'm I'm blown away honestly I

liked it so much compared to the old one

here is a just regular iPhone 6 this is

definitely looking more fresh I like

that it doesn't have anymore the FCC

labels in the antenna bands man they

look so much cleaner so to complete the

effect guys to turn this into a I phone

7 or iPhone 6s jailbreak your phone if

you're on a compatible firmware in

install peekaboo so you guys can get 3d

touch on your device using that screen

sensitivity so in a way it still does

use pressure on your display and that is

so so cool so you can even get peaking

pop inside of Safari everywhere you

would on a regular device so that I

think is a must with this if you guys

are jailbroken this literally will turn

your device into an iPhone 7 if it

doesn't have a 3d touch already but guys

I just want to say thanks so much for

watching you know I'm I'm very very

impressed with this if you guys were

wondering whether I should do it you

have my seal of approval it's not easy

that's the only thing I got to say so

for the faint of heart they don't like

taking your phone apart this is not

going to be very pretty I mean look at

this battlefield on my desk there's so

much going on but the final result looks

fantastic I gotta say alright guys

thanks so much for watching stay tuned

I've got a very very cool video coming

for you in just a couple days here peace