How To Replace iPhone 4 Screen

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so first thing we need to do is of

course make sure the phone is switched

off and remove the SIM card you can just

do that with a paperclip so now get your

Torx screwdriver and remove the two

screws from the bottom and then use your

thumb put a little bit of pressure on

this lip here and push and the back

should come straight off so the first

thing we want to remove is this battery

connector here now as I said once you

get into the iPhone all screws are

Phillips screws so we remove the battery

connector bracket holding bracket from


just prize up the connector out of the


is this little there metal bracket here

that comes away just put that to one

side so now we want to remove this

battery and it's held down with some

double-sided tape and we'll take this

tab basically a little bit of force

until you can feel it coming away

and put the battery to one side out of

the way so now we're going to remove

five Phillips screws here that are

holding this shield in place now again

it's a really good idea to draw a

picture and lay your screws out on that

picture because not only of these screws

really tiny they are all different

lengths as well okay so now we can

remove this shield but there are still

some little tabs under here that hold

the shield down so you've got to wiggle

it out into a position where you can

lift it off without bending those tabs

and then if you put this shield with the

screws you've taken out then I hope you

put it back together again knowing where

everything goes so now what we want to

do is remove these two Phillips screws

here that hold this connector down here

so now we can just lift up this shield

put it to one side and then we can

gently pop out this connector here

next we want to remove the two Phillips

screws here holding the vibrate multi

here I just lift that out and put it to

one side now we're going to lift off the

five connectors that are connected to

the motherboard now use a little pricing

tool for this you don't have to do them

in any order but once you get one out of

the way gives you a little bit more room

to work on the others just gently tease

them out we don't need a lot of pressure

so now we can remove the camera tab as


a little connector here

just put that to one side so now this

flat flex cable that we've already

unplugged what we want to do is just

peel this away just fell down a little

bit of tape peel it back and expose this

little Phillips screw here so we're

gonna have to remove that one there and

one in there and then we can remove the

speaker housing we can lift this after

the way a little bit but be really

careful because this irods connector

here still connected so I'm going to

lift it out give me a bit more room in

order to prize that aerials connector


speakers removed so just here under here

this is a water sensor so if you send it

back to the factory not working they can

tell if it's been dropped but merged in

water but we've got to remove this

because there's a screw on the ear we

need to take out so there's just one

last screw we've got to remove and it is

actually a flathead screw here so we're

carefully remove that screw now we can

carefully lift out the motherboard

so now there's screws to the side

there's actually six big screws down

each side with washers and two small

ones in each corner so I like to remove

the smaller ones first and now remove

the bigger ones with washers from the

sides so once you've got all the screws

removed from the sides then get your

case open until gets it in between the

case and the screen and just gently work

your way around rising it off a little

bit at a time

so what I like to do before fit in the

new screen is get a little bit of

rubbing alcohol on a cotton board just

to get rid of any dirt on the sides here

if you can hear what sort of the

children's voices while I'm making this

video the school at the back of my

workshop have built themselves a little

garden just behind my workshop and been

out the last few days planting flowers

and vegetables because at last was

starting to have a summer here in the UK

so well I've left the film protecting

the front to the LCD in place you don't

need to remove that until the end but we

want to feed these ribbon cables through

this gap here

I'm very carefully the LCD in place but

make sure you don't kink any of those

ribbon cables

otherwise it won't fit flat so now it's

just reverse of how we disassembled the

iPhone so do the six big screws with

washes first and now put back the four

small screws that go in each corner

so first we want to fit the speaker

module in place and we're just going to

put this one screw in but now just to

hold it in place now we're gonna put

them overboard in and there's like a

little spring clip here at the top that

gills just in under the chassis itself

be careful you don't get any of these

ribbon cables for the LCD trapped so the

screw that holds this side of the

speaker module down also holds the

bottom of the motherboard down and like

I say make sure the higher else

connector is out of the way not trapped

underneath and we can now connect this I

realize connected back up so now we can

put the battery connector back onto the

motherboard and pop the little shield

back in place so now we can put the

vibrator motor back in and secure down

with the two screws so now replace the

camera so now we need to replace this

grille that we took out with the flat

head screwdriver skills there Knolls

motherboard down so now we can replace

the battery make sure you're flat flex

cables are well talked over there and

they're not gonna get stuck on the band

the battery

click the connector back in place and

this small shield goes back over that

high Rails connector and is held down in

place with the one screw so now we're

going to connect all these ribbon cables

back up to the motherboard the new LCD

connectors here will be a little bit

stiff because it's the first time

they've been bent into this position so

now we just need to put this shield back

on and the five screws that hold it so

now we put the back back on again so

once the backs in place it's just a

matter of putting those two top screws

in there catch you next time