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colorful poppies these are called

poppies and in maharashtra they call



okay so since we were getting late and

we then didn't

feel like staying back there at balbiki

nagar because if we would have pushed


to check with the officers and

permissions and this and that and all

was not worthwhile because we wouldn't

have reached nepal otherwise

so add the orange robes

and narcotics



guys the interesting part is we are

going to enter nepal

kopikate let's begin the journey of

nepal we are just going to cross the

border from here

this is bihar from birganch we are going

to cross the border

to nepal









as you could see we have just crossed

the border now we have to take bansara

if we are going to stay here in nepal or

even we have entered

for the days that we are going to stay

this is

the office from where you can get your




and the rates are

like this

it's 400 per day

we are going to stay for approximate 60s

okay so the total amount is

that's all and we can enter nepal

this is uh nepali's currency so 2712

divided by 1.6 means one rupee

of india equals to 1.6 rupee

of nepal



we have just finished but it is indian

rupees no

it's nepali rupees so

nepalese indian rupees i had to spend


so we found your friends who are riding

bikes beyond bikes

okay so there are bikers who have just

gone in and they are also here for the


it's called the the vasudeva ride from


this is part of our team allison is from

france in the u.s

he's um scotland and she's from france

and they are here for three years

project right

this is really good

so that's great and uh it's it's good to

see people when they talk in hindi i was


paying attention no problem we are

trying hard to reach scotland

in the stars itself we happen to meet


let's move on






indian currency and nepali currency's


is one rupee indian rupee and 1.6

is nepali so nepali 1 rupees
























so guys we are at dakshin kali and again

at dakshin kali you have to stop and get

your entries done

over here over here over here



it's 10 in the night and i could see

that shops all crops are closed


so lucky enough lumini is a place where

buddha was

born um




big tree

google is saying that it is near to our

car but we are unable to find it

thank you thank you

that's justin

so this is justin and at last we found

the place it's night 11

and the ambulance seems quite



okay so we are here for three nights and

i don't know something happened like uh

first night and second night we are

in six uh sharing bedroom and it is

completely full

we are staying


i can't

these are the sleepers since i wanted to

go for my face wash

okay but these guys are the latecomers

okay there is the sleeper that you can


come here

this is toilet okay okay

keep it clean if others don't

secondly so we can utilize each at this

point at this angle on each part there

is one

this everest

inspiring inspiring there are six beds

over here

which you don't want others means you

want to keep it safe

you think so there is no problem

otherwise if you want

these are the rules to be followed each

one really right here outside this is

which you can see right now yes and

there is the just

okay this time

that's all and i'm climbing everest

so she's climbing

uncomfortable okay he's not obsessed but


uncomfortable because he's used to

staying in

hottest rooms circuit houses so they

were big big

and again going back in college era

where you have bunking beds and you have

to share with other people

if we over here there was not a problem

but in

this small room he is feeling a little

uncomfortable hi guys uh we have two

friends here

and they are our mates in this uh

bunking bed sharing room okay he is

raging lucky

give okay once

actually we explore tourism tourism yeah

it's traveling i follow some vloggers

like casey neistat you know

yeah because yeah okay

a few days back i also followed logan

paul you know yeah

and after that japan incident the

suicidal case which

he presented in a very bad way after

that i i stopped watching see that i


yeah you can change youtube

do watch and you will be next

the first choice is go to flying buddha



night it um yours