Husky Tool Replacement At Home Depot

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this is a husky 3/8 drive ratchet this

was a replacement my old one had to be

about 48 years old I was from the 70s

when I was doing the lugs I put a 9

millimeter socket on it and this piece

snapped off this whole piece here

snapped right off so I took it back to

Home Depot

because dome Depot sells these and I got

a replacement now as you see on here on

the top it says lifetime warranty right

over here in this little box well when I

bought it back to the Home Depot the

fella and behind the desk one in my

receipt and it says my receipt I both

this ratchet is like 48 years old it's

from the 70s well I need the receipt I

says their lifetime warranty you don't

need a receipt you just take it back for

replacement so he sent me down to the

tool rental place all the way across to

the building and the two guys came out

and they say no you have to go back to

customer service back at Fort so I have

a way back same fella tear and I turned

around and says I want a replacement on

the socket its lifetime warranty so

we've actually got the socket he changed

some paperwork or whatever and I got a

replacement on the socket this has a

newer version it's got the push in here

to release the little fault bearing goes

in and releases but this is what I had

in my back of my trunk this is what what

I have in the little toolbox that I

carry with me was my old husky wrench

and a couple of sockets

I always carry tools with me in a car so

I got this replacement so if you guys

get husky tools those are lifetime

warranty also just take them back to a

home depot

and get a return on