Exchange House Advice 🤔 (Based On My Experience)

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hello everybody and in today's video we

are going to talk about the exchange

house and which stick model or weapon

you should get in the game now I should

note this is based on my own experience

so please tell me your own in the

comments down below anyway with that

being said let us start where the first

question will be which valkyries do you

have and use in battle

so in my case I have Knight Square Fuqua

which I use a lot as well as her sure

avoid Keanu and soon we will get the

augmentation of violet executors Theresa

so something like shortening herb and

top which will increase physical damage

and the whole damage is a really good

stigmata in my case and because I'm just

searching for a physical damage stigmata

that means stigmata's that only do

elemental damage aren't of use to me so

for example the Shakespeare set is

something that I will not buy the other

question you should ask yourself is if a

single stigmata is worth it if you do

not have the other stick models and even

then how much is it worth it for the

specific Valkyrie that you want it for

so for example ever since I got memento

Sakura a few years ago people have been

telling me to get the Nomi set for her

as a full set which is obviously

impractical because you are talking

about almost a year of grinding to get

the full set from the exchange house

therefore a better advise would have

been to get the top stick model than the

bottom one and then the center one

because the top and bottom stigmata are

much useful than the center stick model

this is a much nuanced and more useful

answer then get everything for this

specific Valkyrie see I think the

mentality with the exchange house is to

get certain stick models as opposed to

every single stigmata remember Honka

impact 3 is about paying money to get

more stigmata from God shot so the game

isn't designed for you to get every

single stigmata or every single gotcha

stigmata I should say from grinding

alone it isn't really practical from a

business perspective or even from a

gameplay perspective on one hand mijo

you loses a lot of money and on the

other you lose a lot of time just to get

a single set where it will take you most

likely up to a year so instead of

looking at stick models in terms of sets

look at them in terms of importance to

you and your own valve

Cary's therefore even the idea that I

just suggested of grinding for the top

stigmata of Noemi then bottom then

Center isn't even that practical when

you think about it but when you only

consider one stigmata for your

most-played valkyrie in this case

memento sakura then it makes more sense

for you to get the most useful stigmata

from the set in other words think of the

exchange house as a complementary for

your Valkyrie as a host for a

substitution for God shock anyway the

next question is do you want a single

purpose stick model or do you want a

general purpose stigmata as I said

before I wanted to get the know him a

set or the top noir mystic model but it

can only be used on Valkyries who are

ice elemental damage dealers so think of

ice amico memento Sakura Arjun night

Rita as well as six sir Nate Callen so

my options here for using the stigmata

that I grinded many months for is very


therefore I might be better looking at a

general purpose stigmata something like

beach party center or maybe something

like Newton bottom both of these

stigmata are much better if I want to

use them in a team and even then in my

case for example I have both stick

models so will I get another one well

this depends on you but in my case as

somebody who doesn't like having the

same stigmata repeated over and over and

over I would rather get something else a

good example is Dracula top which I

grinded for a very long time many years

ago when I first got it just to give it

to violet executors Theresa I'm not

joking I got this dig motto just for

violet executors Theresa even though at

the time she was well there's a reason

why she is getting an augmentation right

now Claus I just wanted the cool effect

of having your Valkyrie being revived

after death from the three-set effect

and that is by the way another question

you might want to ask yourself do you

care about the Mara at all because in my

case I don't before the whole thing with

YouTube several months ago I used to

have a lot of f2b guides for Valkyries

like just an example people thought I

got hagoromo bottom because I had

hagoromo top and the to that effect is

really good when in reality I just

wanted to complete the set and this

the one available at the time and I

thought it was the center stick model

yes I'm not joking

I got the bottom stigmata confusing it

for the center one because I was so

excited why though well because I wanted

the center effect it's kind of cool it

is a dumb reason but I have a lot of the

other stick models that many people want

me to get I already have from the Gir

top beach party center as well as Newton

bottom in addition to a few others but

more importantly you see me play open

world just to grind for free to play set

so for example right now I have the

Darwin set on my Japanese account and I

plan on getting another one on my

Chinese account therefore by the time

that I had enough material to buy a

stigmata from the exchange house I

wasn't even looking for something in


like even now my example for the chuan

dagger band table it's just because it

was available in the shop yesterday I'm

sure I would have waited a few more days

if there wasn't even anything good in

the stigmata shop however as somebody

who doesn't even wail when it comes to

equipment and sometimes wails on

Valkyries like her sheriff reason I

honestly did not give the exchange house

a second consideration or a second book

still this is just my own opinion when

it comes to stigma rose because as I

said I do not play for the metal if you

want to play for the Mara then just look

at what you have in terms of Valkyries

weapons as well as other stick models in

addition even if you do not play for the

metal you still want your Valkyries or

your most useful Valkyries to be well

useful if you have Judah for example

unpledged IRISA there is a very well

known set for her which finally brings

us to the weapons in the exchange house

which is a very difficult matter to talk

about see at the end of the day it is

just one weapon that you can buy for

free to play yes you can use your other

gotcha weapons and liquidate them but in

three point three and from what I

understand where I could be wrong you

can exchange Honka cores for weapon

resonators and then buy a weapon from

the exchange house and by this point

there is only one question you have to

ask yourself which Valkyrie you use the

most that is it there is no other

question because you only have

chants and if I were you I would buy the

weapon that I would use most likely the

mostly maybe in later updates of the

game they will allow us to buy more

weapons from the exchange house but as

of now as a three point three you only

have one chance and because of that I

would just recommend that you would buy

the weapon that you know you will use

the most anyway I hope this video has

been kind of helpful I admit this one is

a little bit more ranting on my own side

and rambly because it's just a hard

question to answer

but not necessarily because it is hard

to answer as much as it is dependent on

a case on case basis like I fear people

will take any answer that I give as the

only good answer and then spend all of

their hard work from grinding an open

world on just a single stick model but

still that is just my own opinion so

please tell me in the comments below do

you have your own advice on what people

should buy from the exchange house is

there a very universal answer to which

stick models or even weapons people

should buy and if you enjoyed the video

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as give advice but at any rate until my

next video thank you for watching and I

hope you enjoy the gameplay