The Honest Company | How to Get a Free Trial Bundle of Diapers & Wipes $$ | Unboxing & Review

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hello everyone welcome back today I'd

like to talk to you about the honest

company's trial box so this is what the

box looks like and inside it's like this

this is the diapers and wipes bundle so

you do get a package of ten wipes and a

package of five diapers and you get to

choose the size I chose the newborn size

and that's all that comes in the box I

wanted to talk a little bit about this

trial and how you can get yours what I

wanted to talk to you about was

something that threw me off a little bit

so when I sought out this free trial I

thought you'd be able to pick the

patterns that you wanted for your

diapers turns out that you're not

selecting your patterns at all and this

is a little bit confusing but either way

I just wanted to give a heads up to the

parents out there who are looking

forward to this free trial you're not

actually selecting any prints or

patterns they are going to just send you

the size that you've selected and some

random prints so with mine I got the

giraffe and panda print so not to get

confused you're not actually picking

your patterns they're just gonna go

ahead and send you a randomized pattern

the reason that they have that option to

select the patterns is because this free

trial box turns into a subscription so

if you don't cancel you're gonna end up

paying about $80 for a subscription it's

a monthly subscription they'll send you

diapers and wipes and the size that you

chose and in the patterns that you chose

so when I received my box I was a bit

confused as to why they have you select

the patterns for this trial box if

you're not actually getting those

patterns so I went ahead and I've

stopped to the customer service and they

went ahead and let me know that that

part is only for the subscription to

receive this box all you have to do is

go to the honest companies website and

up at the top you will see an area

that says free trial so when you are

ordering this free trial box keep in

mind that you're not actually picking

the patterns that you'll get for your

free trial that is just something that

will be sent to you if you choose to

keep the subscription so although this

is labeled a free trial box you do have

to pay 595 + shipping at least where I

live and this actually shipped to me

fairly quickly

I believe it only took about two days

and once I receive the box I then logged

on to my account and cancelled that

subscription thank you for watching I

hope you enjoyed this video please give

it a thumbs up and subscribe