Groupon Refunds

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you'll learn how to use refunds on

Groupon sometimes you're not happy with

a product it got damaged or it's missing

parts other times you just had a bout of

impulse shopping and don't actually want

the product or service you purchased

here's what you learn in this tutorial

the Groupon refund policy the Groupon

promise for deals and how to refund a


Groupon has a clear refund policy that

lays out how and when you can return a

product for a full refund for local

vouchers any unredeemed voucher may be

returned for a full refund within three

days of purchase after which you may not

receive a refund but the coupon is

always valid either for the deal or the

amount that you paid for it should the

deal expire

forget aways if you purchase the voucher

in the merchant is unable to book the

stays you want or before the book by

date Groupon will refund your purchase

if you don't book your stay by the book

by date you will be unable to receive a

refund but the voucher will still be

worth the same amount paid for it though

it can only be used towards the

advertised experience only with Groupon

Goods return any item for any reason

within 14 days of receipt of purchase

unless otherwise noted in the fine print

if you bought tickets to a Groupon live

event they are non-refundable however

it's the event is canceled or

rescheduled Group one will notify you

and or give you a full refund

Groupon promises to work with the

customer if any redeemed voucher is

unsatisfactory for example if you take a

get away attend a live event or use a

Groupon voucher and are not happy with

the experience

Groupon promises to try to make it right

or refund you Groupon also promises to

honor any refund requests if the

business closes if the event is

cancelled or rescheduled or if it

business refuses to accept the voucher

before the expiry date

we're turning a Groupon voucher is very

simple select your name then in the drop

down menu that appears click my Groupons

this will take you to a page that will

show you a list of the Groupons you've

purchased click view details

then click the words cancel order on the


underneath the update order button click

the words I'd like to cancel my purchase

Groupon will ask you why you are

cancelling your order select an option

from the drop down menu then click

cancel order

if you go to your email account and log

in you will have received an email

confirmation from Groupon if the group

one doesn't show up and it's supposed to

or if you have any issues with refunding

your Groupon call or email customer

service and have them help you with the

issue check out our tutorial on Groupon

customer service for more information

keep this tutorial in mind if you want

to refund a Groupon purchase if you're

watching on YouTube and want to follow a

written step-by-step guide for this

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