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here's to look at that who's you know

you're gonna lose pillows either takes

two yeah all right what what you got in


rude look at that

well hey everybody Jeff Williams here

with Esther Williams that calm yeah I

know me a slip we got a lot of time on

our hands it ain't that if I said so I

thought I'd school him on the art of

five-card stud play a little poker and

look at that

I got summer sleeves gold out here to

I'm gonna get it all yeah it's right

everything a piece of it so let me

finish this up cuz I ain't won't take

long with this guy he don't know how to

play nothing all right man whoo look at

that hey pretty look at that hey yes let

me ain't got a chance

I got four aces I got something there

you can't even beat that's right

no wait I'll tell you what I see you

silver coins and go I'll raise you a

hundred thousand shares of - stop what

you got - that huh what's that a gold

nugget where'd you get that from you

must have sold it for me oh he's always

stealing my gold I don't matter

yeah why cuz I'm gonna win it anyway

yeah I'm telling you right now okay I

call four aces let's see what you got oh

hey okay let's see what you got what's

it one two three five aces ah oh he gave

it to me all the time

ah well I'm gonna have slim clean up

this poker table and now I'm in the debt

for him so I'm gonna have to figure out

how to sell my gold and that's what

today's episode is all about how to sell

your gold if you need to is some card

shark comes around and steal though your

money you got to sell your gold so I'm

gonna have him clean this up now I'm

gonna go ahead and get all the stuff we

need so I can show you how you can sell

your gold - so come on let's go

they know the goodies that guys

hey thanks live for cleaning this mess

up you're quite a friend even though you

cheat at poker anytime to shoot me

anyway okay so what are we doing today

well I'm gonna take you through step by

step and show you how to get the gold in

your pan to a check in your hand

hahaha so that's what we're gonna do

today now I'm gonna run through this

pretty quick yeah I know I hadn't start

my stove up it's getting cold inside of

my Shack so I'm gonna run through this

pretty quick so hold on cuz it's get get

bumpy so anyway what we're gonna do

first is I got gold to paint come here

take a look as I'm gonna show you this

we're looking at you see how that's

pretty going in there ooh a I'm excited

yeah I wish I had that every time okay

so what you're gonna do is you're gonna

take your snapper bottle see yeah pretty

thing you're going to go in there

because I had a lot of people ask me I

get to going out of there it's real

simple now I'm keeping the water clean

so you can see this for demonstration

I'm gonna hold that over just like that

look at that it acts like a vacuum

cleaner just sucks that gold up that's

if it's not too big to fit in that -

whoo-whee that's kind of gold you want

there's a goal that's too big to fit not

- cuz then you know you got some really

nice pickers okay see ya I got it all

inside my sniper bottle it's stuck in

there cuz it's got that trap here you

see where the gold tried to get back out

with a kink so anyway so now you got the

gold inside the stuffer bottle and I'll

show you what to do next

so there you got all your gold stuck

inside in the sniffer bottle whew that

pretty I like that but you ain't getting

enemy okay okay so now you're thinking

alright Jeff you got it in the snuffer

bottle I've done that now what you're

gonna do well now what you're gonna do

is you're going to put this inside a

metal pail

and what that does is it cooks all the

water because sometimes you might have

gold in there for days weeks months I've

seen guys with gold in there for years I

don't know how to do that but so what

you need to do is you got to drive that

gold out so what I'm going to do is I'm

going to put some of my toys and my

goodies over here for later and I'm

gonna put all the gold in this pan and

then throw it on the fire and cook that

out now you can use the stove at home or

propane torch or anything like that

whoo but make sure it's all out of there

like that and here's a good metal gold

pan don't use cookie pan anything like

that because you might forget and try to

eat out of it so then what I'm gonna do

is I'm gonna slowly drain some of that

excess water out without losing my goal

see that golden there see how pretty

that is

whoo I like that okay and then I'm gonna

come over here put my great down and

then I'm gonna put the pan on the fire

like that and what's gonna happen is

it's gonna cook all the water out of

anything that's in there the light gold

a small gold black sand and everything

like that it'd be a lot easier for me to

work with so I'll give that a minute let

it cook whoo all right now for this next

step you're gonna want to wear gloves I

already did a video on how to do this so

if you want to watch it I'm gonna leave

a link right here on how you're going to

melt gold click on it watch it and it's

a little bit more detailed what I'm

about to do but for today all practical

purposes we're not gonna get into too

much detail I'm going to run through it

quick so you get all the principles on

how to do it so you're gonna walk in

some clothes on so you don't burn your

hands and a nice people's paper now I

got this old mine and claim that I was

promising him but it's just a fake don't

tell him okay so come here I want to

show you this okay so it's alright now

the pan is really hot so be careful see

all the gold in there hoo hoo yeah

tap that all in the corner okay

very a piece of paper you're gonna fold

it down the side like that put it crease

in it

yeah just like that and that'll chap the

goal I'm gonna put a rock on so don't

blow away then what you gonna do is

you're gonna gently shake out all your

gold and your black sand on a piece of

paper now all my gold is inside this

piece of paper be careful till the arrow

and pretty gold whoo-hoo there's a stick

the angle that's pretty huh and then I'm

going to take a magnet and then clean up

all that black sand in there so we get

it ready for the next step so come on

let's go okay now I'm gonna put my gold

pan underneath here just in case so I

don't lose any my gold I work too hard

for it

okay now you get a small magnet and

you're gonna clean all that black sand

out of there just like that yeah you get

it all on the end and then when your

gold is really clean I know I haven't

cleaned it all the way up you're gonna

get a small funnel like that man I think

I got me a glass jar my pocket somewhere

yeah then you need to put that gold into

something so a lot of people that put

that fun on there like that

whoo-whee yeah that's what I'm talking


put the lid on there so you don't lose

it yeah there's pretty stuff you ever

saw lose anyway the Sun comes out

because it knows I got gold my love go

you ain't getting none slim so forget it

stop looking at okay now a lot of people

know how to do this now we're gonna move

on to the next step which is

classification of gold like people don't

do this or even know how to do it so

what you're gonna do is you're gonna

pick up one of these classifier screens

now we get all of our classifier screens

from desert Outfitters all you got to do

is get ahold of Rick or Pat and let him

know that Jeff said you watch getting

Joe is they know me more formally anyway

they got him all different sizes they

got the little tag on the front it says

ain't measuring and so what you're gonna


is I like to classify my goal down into

tens and 20s and 25s and things like

that you know there's a reason why you

do that now if you're gonna be shipping

your gold off to a refinery you don't

want to ship the finds out if you're

gonna hold on to it and sell it on eBay

then you're gonna want the nice chunky

nuggets or you could even sell it to a

jewelry shop now anything that you

screen through here and a number ten and

if it stays inside of here

you're gonna want to keep it now if it

falls through then you're gonna want to

melt it remember that because nuggets

always fetch a higher price as far as

spot price gold than the small fines

that come out I'm telling you and don't

let no pawnshop tell you anything else

because they're gonna give you about 50%

spot nerrit ever go to a pawn shop so

that's what we're gonna do so yeah

that's my rule of thumb is you can

classify your gold through a number 10

anything that stays behind you're gonna

hold onto it because you can get more

for that if you go to a jewelry shop or

ebay don't let nobody fool you and the

stuff that comes out the bottom you're

gonna melt it now how you gonna melt

that you say well what you gonna do is

you're gonna go on the internet and

you're gonna look for make your own gold

bars I'm telling you they're good people

out there get a hold of skeet and let

them know that Jeff since you're hey

look yeah make that right then that's

right alright so what you gonna do well

to melt your own gold you're gonna need

one of these and this of course you can

afford a furnace Hey you're gonna need a

bag of flux this is paint Chapman flux

whoo I love it mmm tastes good but it's

salty yeah okay so then what you do is

you get a map torch and you put your

gold in there the five don't be putting

that nice chunky gold in there but you

put your fines in there and you melt

that down now if you use acetylene be

careful because you can evaporate that

gold people are gonna lie and say oh

there's no such thing but I'm telling

you you get gold too far up past 2,000

degrees and it'll evaporate so you'd be

careful that's why I like using matte

gasps oh all right so you're gonna get

one of these guys will hook the boot now

we got this handle here and I refrain

real cheap

igniting whoo dad it works good too I'm

gonna have to start is there poop on

there okay so got your math gas and you

got to go inside of this guy right here

then you're gonna go to one to run

Rachel woohoo that flux in there then

you're gonna heat it up yeah look at

that oh it's gonna turn to glass and

then the bottom is gonna be a little

button whole bunch of buttons then what

you're gonna have left behind is a

little button in the bottom careful

don't touch it come here take a look at

it okay now see the button in there now

I'm speeding this up so you don't get

bored but there's the button in the

bottom so you're gonna drop that in some

cool water don't touch it yeah they'll

hurt alright so then when you get your

button out of there you get your

collection of buttons together I got

that nice pretty one right there that we

mined out last week who is this heavy

too but you got to know how heavy is so

what you're gonna do you're gonna get

yourself scale yeah now you can get

these scales for about 40 50 bucks yeah

pop that turn it on tear it down what

that does is it just balances out zeroes

it out plop it on there whoo we live in

a half grams now you know how much gold

you got that's really important you got

to know how much gold you got ain't

arrestin that's right whoo he talks too

much okay so now what you gonna do you

got a couple buttons of gold looking

down those buttons look at those buttons

yeah yeah whoo I like those buttons okay

so what you're gonna do is you're gonna

take those and you're gonna mail them

off through USPS make sure you insure

for how much gold you got and I got four

places that you could mail it to that

they're gonna give you a good spot price

for ready here it comes

first one is gonna be a are a American

recycles associates they're out of Texas

I'll leave a link down below they pay

98% spot

on pure gold 24-karat that is next one

Midwest refineries they're back east and

they pay ninety five percent spot on

pure gold and they don't even take plans

to go that hasn't even been purified yet

but you're gonna get a whole lot less

like eighty percent the next one is

northern they pay ninety five percent as

well so those are the two lower ones now

the fourth one is a place called gold

hog calm now doc he runs that operation

and he doesn't take gold that's been

smelted down so you could forget about

it but he will take placer gold that's

minus eight to minus 100 mesh that's the

only stuff he'll buy now the nice thing

about doc is he'll pay 90% spot hey guy

right slim food we I wish you'd shut up

so those are the four places where you

can ship your gold and they'll send you

a check or they'll wire to your account

or even PayPal if you're like whoo yeah

that's what I'm talking about that way

you can get your check in about two

weeks or they'll wire it directly that's

what I'm talking about now I know

there's much stuff I left out but that's

a really quick way to get your gold out

of your pan and get a check in your hand

would you give it a big thing boo smells

bad yeah well I hope you enjoy today's

quick episode on how you sell your gold

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ain't that right well until next time

this is jeff williams with at chef ways

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