The 3 Best Gift Card Exchange Options

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face it we're spoiled there's a whole

category of stuff that we know has value

but we just never get around to cashing

in those stacks of coupons that arrive

in the mail for free bottles and cans

and states where you can easily turn

them into money and loose change which

is actual money

like literally add to the list gift

cards more than fifty billion dollars

worth of gift cards are unused since

2005 jewel Gonzalez a card hub says the

way to tap that unused value is just a

click away

they're actually gift card exchange

sites and make it easy to either

exchange for a better gift card or just

get the cash right away and remember

back in the day when gift cards used to

actually decline in value well no more

if they are purchased after 2009 they're

actually prohibited from expiring within

5 years according to the card app Hey

Congress did something useful but be

careful there are scam sites out there

so here's a rundown of some legit card

exchanges and their features before you

spend it raise it raise has an intuitive

interface and search and puts you in

control of setting your own price

welcome to car cash unlike many sites

card cash has no minimums or maximums

they'll tell you exactly what they'll

pay up to 92 percent of the current card

value and finally card hub aggregates

three different gift card exchange sites

and in some exchanges you can actually

gain value Starbucks was the seventh

most popular gift card in 2015 so say

that you received a $15 Starbucks card

you instead want a Dunkin Donuts gift

card which was twenty fourth most

popular discs last year so you can list

your $15 Starbucks card leverage the

popularity there and then maybe get a

$25 Dunkin Donuts card in exchange so

return those bottles and cans roll up

that loose change and take those gift

cards and turn them into cash we have

links on our website to lists