How to transfer your gift card balance to paypal

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so when you have your prepaid gift card

or credit card whichever it is whether

it's American or Canadian or whichever

basically on the back there's gonna be a

1-800 phone number you're gonna want to

call that and find out your exact

balance rate to the cent write it on the

face of the card if you want whichever

the case just so you know how much to

invoice yourself when you're at PayPal

you're gonna put that amount that

remaining balance on the card onto your

PayPal invoice but you're gonna send to

your Gmail step one you're gonna go into

your PayPal account so just log in log

in once you're up

then you're gonna see a balance here

this is just two dollars it's temporary

account what you're gonna want to do is

go to tools then you're gonna want to go

to all tools and you're gonna want to go