How to swap unwanted Christmas gift cards

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a gift card for Christmas that you'll

never use of course we've all gotten

well isn't it better than exchange it

for something that I enjoy and I can get

a lot of use out of what did you get

credit but Cheryl Casone from her sister

Network Fox Business is here with how

you can swap them out for the ones you

actually use Cheryl can you tell us

about that ok I'm sure both of you have

gotten gift cards and maybe you'll like

them maybe not but we have seen I know

well if there's a couple I might return

but we have seen the rush to return

unwanted gifts over the last 24 hours

but many Americans are likely waking up

with gift cards they may not use or what

so if you are one of those lucky enough

to get a gift just not the right gift

you can take your cards in either

exchange sell or trade them first word