How to exchange foreign coins and notes

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are you wondering what to do with

falling coins and banknotes from

fundraising training or leftover from a


you see banks won't exchange foreign

coins and low value foreign banknotes

so without a way to exchange them you

could literally be pouring your money

down the drain

this is valuable currency that you could

be put into good use right now but how

do you exchange your leftover foreign

currency simple meat cash for coins a

quick easy and secure way to exchange

all your foreign coins and notes for

cash it's perfect for charities

businesses or individuals we even

exchange old British and Irish currency

and here's how it works one you send us

your coins and notes - we sort and count

it free we pay you it's that simple

what's more we give you instant payment

into your bank account and guarantee you

the best rates in the UK so you can rest

assured we're getting the best deal

available on top of that our service is

a hundred percent risk-free if our

valuation isn't acceptable to you tell

us to take a hike and we'll return your

currency in full at our expense with no

questions asked

what could be fairer than math but don't

just take our word for it read hundreds

of reviews from other satisfied

customers and see why we're trusted by

national charities banks hospitals

schools and global brands to exchange

their foreign coins and notes speak to

one of our friendly experts now on oh

one six one six three five

double-o-double o or click here to cash

in your currency right now