How to Cash Out Your Cryptocurrency on Coinbase (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Etc )

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hello and welcome I am Matt Taylor and

this is my variety channel today I'm

going to show you how to cash out your

cryptocurrency that you have on claim

beige or coinbase Pro and get it back

into US dollars and then transfer that

over back into your bank account so you

can use it to pay for some bills or

maybe you have you want to buy a gift

for somebody or maybe you just want to

put it into your savings it's a really

easy process if I can do it you can do

it let's get started alright here we are

over on coinbase Pro and what I want to

do first is send it from coinbase Pro

over to my coinbase wallet so what I

want to do is come over here to

withdrawal and then I want to select the

currency or the crypto currency that I

want to withdraw and in this case I'm

going to move convert some theorem back

into USD and now what I want to do is

I'm not sending it to another a theorem

address I want to send it to my coinbase

wallet and it'll send it to my etherion

wallet great and the amount I'm going to

send is 0.5 eutherian so that's $86 and

check everything everything looks good

go ahead and hit withdrawal and it goes

really fast from your coin based pro

wallet over to your coin base wallet

super fast this note says it should

arrive in arrive in about 10 seconds

alright great now I'm going to come over

here to my coinbase wallet

I might just refresh that a little bit

come on over here to my accounts and I

can see here on my ether wallet

eutherian wallet I have my funds there

now what I want to do is in order to

convert this over to USD and then

withdraw it to my bank account I'm going

to come up here to buy and sell

and then I'm going to switch this to

sell and then switch this from BTC

that's the default to my aetherium

wallet and then convert to USD and I'm

just gonna go ahead and do the max here

so if you just click down here cellmaxx

and then I'm going to sell it and I'm

going to get eighty six dollars and 35

cents but you can see the value is 89 85

so there is a fee associated with it the

coin base fee is 299 and they have a fee

structure that if you click on here to

learn more the fee structure you can

scroll down here and see what the fee

structure is for withdrawals so if it's

over $50 and less than 200 it's $2.99 so

it is what it is you're paying for a

service it just it is what it is this

nature of the business unfortunately but

there you go and just hit sell and then

it's gonna ask you to confirm your sell

confirm that sell your cell was

successful eighty six dollars and 32

cents will be deposited to your USD

wallet instantly and then I go back over

here to accounts

look at my USD wallet and there is my

money yay okay and now I want to send

this money over to my bank account so

just go to withdrawal USD and then I

have my bank account setup right here

and then I'm just gonna give withdraw

all of it and you're gonna there's no

fee if you're doing a direct transfer

there's no fee for this stage which is

nice continue and it says my funds will

arrive by Friday May 10th 2019 so it's

going to take two or three days for the

funds to a rive and then hit confirm

and my USD withdrawal has finished and

there you have it

done click done and now the withdrawal

has been initiated if i refresh this we

can see right here it was sold and then

eventually when that goes through this

the pot or this account balance will go

down to zero and look as we were talking

it just happened and then you can

there's a notification to my email

saying that this occurred and here is

the transaction happening as we speak

and it'll take a couple days to get

there well there you have it that's how

you cash out your cryptocurrency that

you have on coin base or coin based Pro

and get it back over to your bank


really easy to do I'm Matt Taylor this

is my variety channel make sure to

subscribe to my channel hit that

notification bell so you won't miss out

on any of my new videos until next time

happy investing everyone