Currency Exchange Rates - How To Convert Currency

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in this video we're gonna talk about how

to convert currency a given the currency

exchange rate so in this problem

John has 15 thousand US dollars that he

wants to convert into euros how much

money in Euros will he receive now we're

given the currency exchange rate or the

conversion factor one u.s. dollar is

equal to 0.9 euros so how many euros is

fifteen thousand US dollars so let's

convert it first start with what you've

given and we're going to write that

number on the numerator of a fraction

now in the next fraction we're going to

put the exchange rate in it we want the

unit u.s. dollars to cancel leaving

behind the unit euros so there's two

parts of this equation one US dollar and

point nine euros one of them will go on

the top of this fraction and the other

will go on the bottom the question is