Darn Tough Socks - Lifetime Guarantee

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hey guys John Faulkner here with

survival dispatch and I got another

important video for you guys if you guys

have been around the channel for a long

time you know I do a ton of hiking a ton

of rucking we do 50 mile go ruck events

and things like that and me Chris

weatherman Charlie hog would were always

talking about feet preparation and one

of the biggest things that is overlooked

when we're talking about bug-out bags

and things like that are a good pair of

socks and if you've been around like I

said you've heard us talk about darn

tough socks these are these are wool

socks that all three of us recommend you

know if you were to just say dude what's

one company of socks that I know is

going to be comfortable they're going to

last and you know they're gonna do what