US Bureau of Engraving and Printing Will Exchange Your Damaged Money

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dirty money literally is accepted here

and the US Bureau of Engraving and

printing so is the money that's in

really bad shape any money that's been

somehow damaged to the extent where you

can't determine the value this is the

only place in the world I accept a US

currency Bureau employees even trying to

piece together shredded banknotes just

try to find the identified in fiber

parts like the mouth the nose eyes most

of the money is damaged in fires and

floods say Bureau employees in one case

an individual who didn't trust banks

after the housing market crash withdrew

two million dollars and stored it in a

garage the money stored in a bag but

water had creeped in the bag and the

notes had solidified together when they

went to retrieve it then there is money

damaged by pets bureau employees go to

surprising links to save it sometimes

it's just if you leave $20 on the coffee

table the dog will come and chew it up

sometimes the dog will actually eat it

and so never wait a few days and then

wait for the dog to process it out we do

require you to wash it off before you

send it in to us Walsh has worked and

money damaged in the 9/11 attacks

Hurricane Katrina and wildfires in

California one of his strangest cases

took place a few decades ago back in the

early 80s there was a farmer that lost

his wall in the field and a he

discovered that his cow had eaten his

wallet and we always encourage people to

send the currency in its original

packaging that way they don't cause

further damage he had sent it in the

cow's stomach and then the people that

were working at the time had to deal

with that

since then the guidelines to process

claims have gotten more specific we

usually get about 24,000 submissions a

year and we reimburse just north of 40

million dollars anyone can mail in

damaged money or personally bring it to

the bureau if the examiner can recover

at least 51% of the banknote it will be

exchanged for a new one the old damaged

currency is then taken out of

circulation philosophically US and

Washington analyzed VOA news