How to Convert Currency in PayPal 2020 to Spend Your Online Earnings! | PayPal Currency Conversion

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Hello, everybody, welcome back to my channel, Jennifer Marie VO, where I teach you different

ways that you can make money online working from home.

So today's video is a little bit different, but I feel like it's really relevant to all

the videos that I produce on my channel.

When you start making money online, whether that's doing paid surveys, or data entry,

micro jobs, transcribing, translating, or whatever it is you're doing to make money

online, the majority of these websites pay via PayPal.

But depending on what country you're in your currency is probably different than the currency

you're being paid in.

There are some websites that pay in British pounds, some that pay in euro, and the majority

pay in US dollars.

But let's say you live in India or another country and the dollar or the pound or the

Euro, isn't your home currency?

How do you convert those funds into your currency so that you can then go ahead and spend the

money you earn in PayPal?

So I had a question on one of my videos a couple days ago, I've blurred his information

just to protect his privacy.

And he asked this question here, if you cash out in euro, and I'm in the US when the money

will be sent to my PayPal, would I receive it in US currency or euros.

So for example, this website right here, Prolific actually pays in British pounds, because it's

a British website.