Tokyo - Currency Exchange Guide - Helpful Information | Tokyo Travel Guide - Episode# 10

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or comment Welcome to Hipfig Travel Guide series

on Tokyo, Japan. we're really happy to share our currency exchange experiences

with you through Hipfig's video Guide series on Tokyo. In this Tokyo currency

exchange video guide will be sharing where you can find currency exchange

counters and provide useful tips for visiting travelers to Tokyo. The official

legal currency of Tokyo is the Japanese Yen ‎¥‎ . In Tokyo you can change currency at

the airport, banks, tourist areas, and even at convenience stores and post offices.

For arriving passengers, Narita and Haneda airports are convenient places to

exchange currency. Both airports have Bank currency exchange counters in the

Arrival Hall. In Narita International Airport terminal 1 you will find banks

on the south and north side of the Arrivals hall. In Narita Airport terminal

2 Arrival hall you'll find banks to the left and right of exit A and B. Most Bank

currency exchange counters in the Arrival Halls at Narita International

operate from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily. In Haneda International Airport

arrival hall, there is Mizuho Bank which is open 24 hours. The banks give decent

rates and you'll need cash in Tokyo as many smaller vendors don't take credit

cards. It's always a good idea to change money at the airport if you don't have

any Yen. Unless you're changing a large amount of money the difference between

the best rate and the lowest rate is not much. In the city currency exchange