Best & Worst Places to Exchange Foreign Currency on Vacation

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Peter fellow-travellers mark you're with

Walters rooms they were answering some

of your questions and CIT VC writes how

to get the best deal on exchanging

currency now we have other Q&A is to

talk about getting money out and stuff

like that but if we specifically look at

exchanging currency look don't the best

place for your currency to be is in your

local bank and then use an ATM card from

your local bank in the country you go to

and take your money out that way that's

the best way to exchange currencies on

average now the thing is I know some

people I don't want to use cards I'd

like to have cash and stuff like that

okay I don't know that the best place

let's go with some of the worst places

for you to exchange money one of the

worst places to exchange money is

actually at the airport because you

exchange cash there you're a trap

customer it's the same reason why you

pay ten bucks for a crappy beer at a

football game because you got nowhere

else to go you can only buy it there so

they don't have to give you a good deal

at the airport it's the same way you're

gonna get it probably not a great

exchange rate and they're gonna nail

with you a lot of fees another place

that's probably not a good idea is when

you're in a big tourist center downtown

those places as well those exchange

houses same kind of thing probably not

the best bet best deal on there so if

you do have cash you want to exchange

get the best rate which you probably

want to look for is a larger

international bank and have dollars or

Euros and go there and see if they will

exchange it for you and some smaller

towns and medium-sized towns they might

not do it at all or they might only have

one branch you have to go to exchange it

on so you might have to be going around

and searching a bit to get a good rate

from a bank to do it but usually get the

best rate from them but sometimes it

takes time so in general your best way

to exchange money keep it at your bank

at home and use your local debit card

okay when you go travel and make sure

you tell your bank you're going to

travel so they open it up so it works

abroad anyway I hope that helps you out

and I'll say bye from Kilkenny Ireland

and enjoy spending your money when you

travel because it's but it's always fun

to travel and it is something got to pay

for bye