Cashing in Coins at the Bank (September 2018) ACTION-PACKED ADVENTURE!

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guess what time it is we haven't done

this in a while

I've cashing in coins I've done this a

little over a year ago but the music

here was so loud I couldn't do a video

so anyway before we start gonna bring up

a few things one coin star machines

definitely say it never ever put a whole

container into a machine you got a you

could jam the machine you could jam the

equipment the amount of money to have to

pay to have the machine fixed far likely

more than what you're giving to I'm a

member of this Bank so I am going to get

a hundred percent of the money that I

put in back to me if you're not a member

of this Bank which would be fidelity in

Leominster mess

I think they charge a four and a half

percent surcharge so without any further

ado there is music playing but it's

quiet enough that we can start let's

dump a small amount in and get this


and I can't see it

so far with just that 25 bucks almost

there's just enough in there that

they're bunching up a little bit in the

front that's why you never put a whole

container in at one

the dimes are catching up

I don't know why the people find this

interesting plus it's fun to guess how

much it's gonna come out too


that's why it stops cuz it was too much

the best comes in

and for those of you wondering why I

call the other coins that don't get

counted rejects because it's called


I have a feeling we're not gonna have

777 quarters

things getting full

a lot of copper in there

the last of it

yeah this won't be the yield we had


oh these are gonna make it to 200


looks like the pennies of the big winner


huh almost 900 of those

time to check the reject bin

see it says it to reject see what we get

here anymore Canadian quarter perfectly

good penny butcher it up on when that's

ragged beat up on there


decent putter there she goes let's see

if it steps anything

one except the quarter

a couple more attempts what actually

took Albin



that's rejecting a week I can't I don't

have the time to check these already


in the deposit we will be making is 220

80 to 100% of that I'm going to a bank

account that's this run George F F F

once I hope you enjoyed have a good one