Using The Coinstar Machine! Tips And Tricks!

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hello everyone welcome back to our

Channel today is gonna be a fun video we

have right here a huge jar of coin

though this is our if you can read it

adventure jar so that jar is something

that we have been saving up for over a

year this is something that we are going

to use to help stock baby's room so

hopefully there's a million dollars in

there because that would be nice there

is a few hundred dollars in cash but

today we're only worried about the coins

so today we're gonna be going to Walmart

and go to the coin star machine that's

where you can just dump all your coins

in and it gives you money before we go

we're gonna weigh this to see just how

much it weighs how much do you think it

weighs 40 I think less than 40 I think

it's gonna be like 33 pounds what Seth

rigged 17 pounds so we were both

terribly wrong about technically

technically i won


there's more dollars to make it rain

make it rain $400 of cash from saving it

throughout the years just because when

our son watches this just know that we

could have used this money to go on an

adventure everything bad but instead we

are giving you a nice place to sleep

love you so bad here we go all right

some sad news terrible news

our Walmart they're redoing the floors

or something so right now this very


they second we want to use it they're

moving it so they can redo the floors

whatever so it is unusable at the moment

we get there and the whole Coinstar

machine is wide open and they have this

forklift thing starting to move it and

then I can't use it it's closed I have

to go find another we're finding another

thing ways if any of you are ever gonna

use a machine like this that gives you

cash for your coins here's a little tip

of how you're gonna get more money so

when you touch the screen it gives you

three options get cash choose a neat

gift card or donate to charity if you

get cash it takes it takes twelve

percent of all of the money you

obviously want to keep that money so

what you're gonna do is you're gonna

choose an e gift card and there's no fee

to get the e gift card so it makes it a

lot better so the one we're gonna get

today is for Amazon how much do you

think we have right now we have

I'm I think we have like $400 now $300



so we're not done yet but on the screen

it tells you exactly of how many of each

coin you have so far we have 360

quarters 360 pennies 99 dimes and

sixty-six nickels kind of cool and we're

not even halfway

okay so one thing you want to check is I

don't know why it happens if it's just

going too fast or something but

sometimes it spits coins out down here

that it wasn't able to read before you

leave make sure you grab those because

we have a full dollar just down there

that it wasn't able to get and then you

just put them back in




eighty three and six okay so we came

back home because it was getting a

little bit too loud at the store but

here are the final totals of how many

coins we had we had 950 quarters 260

dimes 186 nickels and 1026 pennies for a

grand total of two hundred and eighty

three dollars and six cents here's a

reminder when you're using that machine

do the game do that you gift card

what is twelve percent of two hundred

and eighty-three dollars she's some

information thirty-three dollars so if

we would have taken the cash deal we

would have lost thirty three dollars

okay guys thank you so much for watching

this video I hope it was helpful for you

and your saved coinage needs be sure to

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see ya