Solved: Navionics SD to Micro SD

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you know everyone what I've got here and

a low an elite 4 DSO I to chartplotter

plus a bottom scanner a down scanning

sounder and as some of you probably know

these units they have a micro SD slot

for your Navionics data now and I have

something from the a lot of people

probably have got a genuine Navionics

card but it's the larger SD card and so

unfortunately this particular card you

cannot slot directly into that micro SD

slot you know question that I see around

the forums is can you actually convert

these cards to fit into that slot and

that's the question that I set out to

answer and to answer that question got

myself an ebay normally 2 micro SD

converter cable just a ribbon cable

let's cut your micro SD connector and

your normal SD card slot here and so to