How to Fill Out a Pink Slip When Buying or Selling a Car

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all right YouTube this is the daily

driver again I just want to give you a

quick video this evening on how to fill

out the pink slip whether buying or

selling a car I know a lot of people

have questions and concerns about this

so I want to go ahead and answer that as

quickly and as accurately as possible

for you so of course we can see here you

got the title you can see it's a clean

title it doesn't say anything up here if

it was salvaged it would say Salvage

right there in that little square box

now when we open this up here we have

this part up here which can be separated

from the rest of the title down here now

filling it out let's just take a look at

this pink part here and when we look

down here so as a seller you need to go

ahead and sign on where it says 1a you

need a date and then sign here as the

registered owner put the current mileage

right there on the day you're selling

the vehicle you also need to go ahead

and date it right here and then your

signature here and then you will also go

ahead and signature here and then the

release date down here

so again just three signatures and dates

here on 1a and where the X is also date

and signature here and then signature

and date here now looking here at this

part at the white part here at the top

you will just go ahead and sign as the

seller down here where it says seller

Alessi's last name or company name you

go ahead and fill out that information

from there down and then you go ahead

and need a signature right here on the X

that's very important okay and then of

course you're going to put the

Oh domitor reading and everything at the

time of sale and this part up here part

a B and D down here is actually for the

person who's purchasing the vehicle ok

so when you're done with that you're

gonna go ahead and just rip this part

off and you as the seller will take this

part here this white part this is your

part as the seller and you take that

part off the rest of the title here and

you go ahead and turn that into the DMV

or Triple A whichever now the rest of

the title down here that we're looking

at this part here this is going to be

for whoever purchased the vehicle so

they will take this part and they will

go ahead and turn that at an end again

to either Triple A or DMV so let's just

go ahead and read rate Cabell we just

did again you're gonna need to date as

the seller on this pink part on 1a and

then signature on X you will need to

date right here and sign right here on

this X again the mileage current mileage

when you're selling it goes there then

again you will sign here on the X and

the release date you will fill out your

information from F down to J and again

as the seller you will need to sign

there in the X this portion here the

white part goes to you is the seller and

you will take that to DMV or Triple A

the pink part here is for the buyer and

that's this part goes to them okay so

that kind of answers your questions be

one comment go ahead and do so down

below thank you again for watching keep

updated I will put more videos soon take