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hello there it's Allison during this

video I want to talk about how you are

going to be able to use change early to

be able to exchange any currency of your


to something that you like for example

you can exchange your Bitcoin to see

them you can exchange the theorem to

anything you want to you know you can

exchange anything on this side right you

can see US dollar the cash - any

currency you want to exchange without

actually passing through an exchange

okay now if you are in an exchange you

are limited to what that exchange is

selling and what you're going to find is

that many exchanges all have different

prices and because you want the best

exchange rate change Li would exchange

your crypto currency at the best

exchange rate okay this is why I use

change Li now today I want to show you

how you are going to be able to exchange

a Bitcoin for white coin bit coin 4-byte

coin okay you might want to ask me what

is Bitcoin and so just pay close

attention ladies and gentlemen what I'm

going to teach you today what I'm going

to share with you today is very very

important so so you can get some

negative thinking behind some of these

moves are making so what is white coin

by coin is a private decentralized


that allows anyone to take part in the

bank or network now what I love about

white corn is a privacy and security if

I write corn the transactions are

virtually untraceable so that is a big

big feature for me so let me close our

page down now if you complete this

combine our gate it gives us more ideas

about why I'm now beginning to get into

privacy coins here you have Z cash Z

crush is a privacy you know coin and you

have white coin is here based on the

crypto notes which is for anonymous


I believe that in the coming years

amongst people will want to have more

private transactions because you are

able to trace transactions on a

blockchain but with a Bitcoin nobody

knows where the money is coming from

from this and privacy coins nobody knows

what the cons are coming from that is

why I believe that these coins are going

to explode in value right now we have

seen that - near - nice almost a

thousand dollars whenever is quality

time I got high so bright coin nobody

just knows it just yet it is lying under

the radar and I firmly believe that in

the next couple of maybe one or two

years bright coin is going to explode so

what am i doing

I am accumulating by coin

okay so I've got some bitcoins or what

used to change it right so I want to say

that's how we could look at my youtube

channel see guys I'm so excited I

already have 1000 and you know 1,000

plus subscribers you know I'm so glad

that a lot of people that get a lot of

value from the things I share on this

channel and this is why this channel is

just absolutely exploding I mean

complete order YouTube us is not a lot

but listen you know I'm just very

excited that I have crossed this magical

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see you like what I do you want to do

what I do just subscribe make sure I

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great content and also if you tell me

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any comment below this video and I'll be

happy to do some research and come back

to you with what I think cryptocurrency

you know were doing quite well with

doing the right things with making right

decisions and it is good for you to

understand how to get around to the

currency most of my subscribers and

newbies that is why I try to make these

videos as newbie friendly as possible

back to the topic of the day we want to

be able to use this website called

change early I will leave a link in the

description for you to go and register

on this website so you can swap your

coins at the best possible rates but I

having to worry about the complexity of

exchange when I mean compressor fan has

changed let me show you exactly what I

mean sometimes so if you come to a place

like finance you click on that one and

you're going to see is all sometimes it

just looks like some complete you know

like is out of this world

hope I'm still logged in let's have a


just loading

so if you don't want all these

complexities and like I said before the

exchange is limited to the exchange rate

you get on the platform is what you have

there but if you come to change early

changing you be able to give you the

very very best rate okay so I want to

get about two hundred and fifty thousand

five coins so let's say point for

Bitcoin does that give me understand

point six Bitcoin let's see the point

six bit coming I should give me point

for how many 215 right so let's get

right so I want to change and point six

Bitcoin to three points versus Bitcoin I

hope you get through it one thousand

byte common I said I'm planning for the

future here okay

now also you can get a Bitcoin here

using your MasterCard as well okay so

you know this I'm just using the Bitcoin

to white coin as an example you can swap

any currency here for anyone on this

side and and what's called change Li

will do the transaction for you so blow

me here guys I can teach you this

necessary skill and you can you know you

are able to you know do this yourself so

you can swap your currencies without


right we don't need any identification

here you don't need proof of understood


just your currency and go okay now

I'm what you need to do now before you

go ahead to swap you must have an

address where your where my bite coin is

going okay where the bite coin is going

or whatever currency on this side you

must have an address where it is going

for the respective currency now four

bytes coin I already have my wallet up

and running here okay so I've already

done some transaction today so I'll just

copy this address right I'm Ashley mine

and right now as you can see I'm lining

my water

and I might I know I won't even do a

video on how you are going to mine white

corn I just do it for fun on my computer

okay so you can see today's the 10th of


I already got no 9th of December I got

paid last I didn't stop it on for some


my last night was a hundred you see all

this 100 I've been getting it's all and

payment from mining Bitcoin okay

sometimes I just put on the computer I

forget but it's very easy to do and you

can get 100 by coin every day for free

but I'm just buying I'm accumulating

like I said for the future so i copy my

address here right and then I come to

exchange so have your address ready if

you are exchanging to etherium Xavier

theorem address ready if you are

changing to litecoin hybrid icon address

ready you get the story and then you

click on s change right and then this

gives you a summary of what's going to

be so I'm sending 0.06 Bitcoin I'm going

to get thrown at 80,000 by coin and this

is the fee is going to be everything is

well spell town exported that our time

is 5 to 30 minutes then I click Next

right it asking for my byte code address

which I'm gonna paste here so this could

be the address of whatever wallet

whatever coin you need right now I don't

need payment ID for byte con to receive

my coins but for some other coins you

might need payment ID okay so I don't

click on next

okay click on next so again it gives me

a summary this is the address I'm

sending my bride called my bride contour

eventually again it's not asking me to

confirm and make payments sever

unavailable let me just refresh the page

they're very busy sometime so do that

again and see oh I put it again and

let's see so sometimes it surprise not

available might have to stop if it

happens again

boom so there we go now it has given me

an address to send this 0.06 Bitcoin to

that address right so I'm going to copy

this address right and then I'll go to

the wallets where I have my Bitcoin

where I want the same is coming from now

I want to send this Bitcoin from my

wrist count alright so we come to

Beatrice you don't have to click on

that's my big canal pond 2/3 Bitcoin

here so I wanna send part of that I

click on this soft red button right and

then I put that address I copied from

changing it right so if you come back

here that is a dress I just stopped you

from changing it right see that and then

I put an address here into this place

and then how much I want to withdraw now

I want them to receive 0.06 Bitcoin

right now the fee is 0.001 so just

everyone here right

so they'll receive at Circle 0.06 you

see what I just did there you can avoid

the video to see what I did there and

then you just withdraw and then it's

asking me for a Cooley security code

which I'm going to enter and then the

transaction should complete very very

soon so put the code right and then I


right so you can see my withdrawal has

been submitted right now I'm gonna have

to come back to this place and it wasn't

happen and so how don't you from amounts

sent to and then confirmation and then

send it and then exchanging so what I'm

going to do I'm gonna pause this video

it's about 23 that's and now I'm gonna

pause this video because it might take

some time for my Bitcoin to arrive from

beatrix into this place to play

you can use a system for just about any

currency now if I was doing this in

beatrix I probably had to sell my

Bitcoin to USD USD t transfer USD to

pull the next so too much hassle just

use change ly it's very easy to use okay

so I'm gonna pause this video and then

when you transaction is in process I

will come back all right I'll see I'll

see you soon all right okay so I'm back

you can see it says here waiting for

payment okay so it means now that my my

transaction is actually in process right

now coming in from big tracks into

change Li so the next step is going to

be exchanging and the next step is going

to be sending it to my wallet so what is

the water value right now we have about

one hundred twenty nine thousand bright

coin in there so after the exchange when

is the final value let's give you some

time and then it go from it's going to

go for with int for payment to hits the

change Li wallet and then it's going to

exchange it and it's going to send it to

my wallet okay so I will come back to

you again shortly okay so as you can see

now it is exchanging so that means my

payment has arrived as a tick there and

it's not exchange knowledge you need to

see there's this question mark here

which is the estimated amount so the

final amount may slightly differ from

the estimated one due to market

fluctuations and you know crypto

absolutely fluctuates okay so this is

not taking that long actually the video

has run for about you know 15 minutes of

them out but because the guaranteed best

exchange rates and will give us the very

very bad

of very very best looks like this figure

has changed to around 379 youth that was

a bit less when I first started what you

can rewind if you'd like check to see

that probably getting more points or

less I'm not sure but okay yeah so the

next table before it is sent to the

wallet once we get there we'll talk

about a few more things and we should be

ending this video so just wait for it to

be sending to get to a point where she's

not looking for the very best rates

that's what is doing here okay so I know

I've been through quite a few things but

this video is just about you know how

you are able to use change early to you

know get em other coins and you know

very very easily and for the best

exchange rate okay so that's what we're

doing here and we'll just wait for it to

finish and then take it to the wallet

we're gonna check our water balance talk

about one or two more things and oh and

tidy up the video okay so you know it's

still taking some time to finish the

transaction so I just want to put it

show you some other things here now just

to show you some of the place where I do

some other business on the Internet

this is where I actually accumulate

Bitcoin on a daily basis on this

platform we just invest some Bitcoin and

we get a daily profit from that so let

me show you what to tell mommy I have

hand on this platform from the landing

because we lend money to the platform I

have an about two thousand dollars total

about thirty thousand and the preciously

affiliate bonus for people who have

joined on the my team so if you're

interested in learning how you are going

to invest Bitcoin and get some daily

returns and then it's important you look

in the description below this video as

you can see here I'm already begin to

accumulate some Bitcoin here which I'm

going to send to my exchange wallet like

you saw on beatrix

that's how I get these bitcoins I stand

to do some other things so you come here

you invest some Bitcoin on that bit

connect the current is a crypto currency

in zone right

and then you know you follow all the

steps in the video and you'll be able to

invest a Bitcoin and also and Bitcoin on

daily basis you so to say program I'm

involved in if I didn't believe in it I

will not be doing it and I'll be happy

to help you get started if you join me

in a big comment on any program

could you please you know let me know

send me a private message here on

youtube if you want any help in doing

how to get referrals I know how to build

any of your Bitcoin businesses I'd be

happy to help you so once again is

Allison here while I'm waiting for this

transaction to complete is taking ages

but I think you get the whole idea of

how to use changing to be able to manage

you know to exchange your currencies and

to any currency you want and I will see

in this video once again thank you very

much for in all this or for all the

subscribes all the likes and all the

comments I will do my best to be able to

you know I'll do my best to continue to

answer your questions and your comments

so that I can help as many people as

possible understand blockchain

technology even more to understand

Bitcoin more until be able to profit

from Bitcoin we are on the journey

together we'll all do it together so

once again it's Allison don't forget to

like subscribe and also share this video

to anybody you think might benefit from

it it's gone on for a while but I know

it is packed with a lot of valuable

information so it's Allison I will see

you in my next video bye bye