How To Convert Ethereum To Bitcoin Tutorial

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all right all right good morning good

afternoon good evening ladies and

gentlemen this will be a short video

I've had some people in my group to

basically ask me you know how can i you

know convert you know Bitcoin into

aetherium how can I convert Ripple

which is XRP into ëthere IAM or how do I

get aetherium well the short answer to

this is coinbase coinbase is gonna be

your best friend okay there are a lot of

different exchanges out there maybe I'll

do some videos in the future about those

exchanges where you can get any kind of

cryptocurrency you want for any type of

trade or program or a business

opportunity or whatever the case may be

now I'm gonna make a quick mention here


when it comes down to business

opportunities guys just so you are aware

coinbase can suspend your account

coinbase does not like any MLM they

don't like crowdfunding they don't like

anything and really when you're buying

cryptocurrency ladies and gentlemen it

is for the purpose to trade within their

platform now of course you can buy

cryptocurrency through coinbase to do

anything you want to do with it but you

know if you read their Terms and

Conditions they don't like you know

business opportunities so to speak okay

so but of course there's ways around

that now with that being said in this

video once again I'm gonna show you guys

exactly how to convert let's say bitcoin

into ëthere IAM or convert aetherium

into Bitcoin or any coin into or convert

any coin I should say and to any other

cryptocurrency you want so the easiest

way to do this is through a platform

called coin base now with that being

said I'm gonna go ahead and sign into

coin base as you guys can see I'm on

coinbase I simply log in oops

let's see okay see okay here we go

alright so now I'm logging in and as you

can see ladies and gentlemen I have a

balance of twenty two dollars and sixty

eight cents and this is a theorem so

once you've logged in this is how simple

this is to convert I'm gonna say I'm

well - I'm gonna say that I'm gonna

convert my aetherium into Bitcoin so

what I'm gonna do is click on trade and

right here where it says buy sell and

convert I'm simply going to convert and

I'm going to change this it says you

don't have any Bitcoin to convert try

buying some to get started so instead of

buying Bitcoin cuz I'm not I don't have

Bitcoin I don't I don't want Bitcoin or

I don't want to buy Bitcoin I just

select aetherium okay so let's see okay

so here we go so now I as you can see I

change this to ëthere iam so because I

want to convert my etherium into

bitcoins so all I simply do is put in

what I have I'm just gonna put 22

dollars or they'll give you an option to

convert all so I'll convert all and then

simply just go convert now and as you

notice on the left hand side it changed

your order was submitted we'll send you

an email when your order status upstate

updates done okay that's it so now my

$22.65 and eath will now be converted to

Bitcoin so with that being said that is

the end of this video and that was short

and sweet so just to recap whatever

cryptocurrency you have in your

portfolio balance the fastest way to

convert that whatever cryptocurrency you

have the fastest way to convert it is

simply go in once you log in you're on

your home screen click on trade you have

an option to buy sell convert you're

going to convert and if you if you have

Bitcoin and you want to convert this

Bitcoin into something else

and all you simply do is click here on

what you want to convert your Bitcoin to

and vice-versa

if you have aetherium like in my case I

had a theorem so I had to click this

arrow right here and I had to select

which one I have which in this case is e

theorem I select aetherium and then now

it gives me the option to convert my

aetherium into a different coin and just

simply click on convert and then once

that process is done you're gonna get an

email from coinbase alright guys here's

my email from coinbase when it says your

BTC is now available I'm gonna click

this email real quick so again here it

is right here ladies and gentlemen you

converted 20 to 22 of etherium to

Bitcoin so basically this is the email

confirmation that I got I can view it

let's go ahead and do that real quick

I'm gonna go ahead and view this

transaction on coinbase and here it is I

have now instead of having etherium I

have now converted my etherium to BTC so

with that being said ladies and

gentlemen I hope this video tutorial was

a great help and look forward to doing

some more future videos in the future on

some different exchanges other than

coinbase because we always want to leave

our options open I'll see you guys in

the next video