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thank you very much let us dig deep into

this and we see what this guy's away I'm

going to show you how you can convert

your bitcoins into your perfect money US


remember in perfect manner as iam inside

my perfect manner you can have an

account for US dollars for you know for

bitcoins and for this I don't know this

I don't want to lie but visually I use

you know that use a u.s. dollars and I

use bitcoins a normal it isn't it inside

here but you cannot exchange your

bitcoins and be able to get you cannot

exchange your bitcoins and be able to

get US dollars are most of the people we

know money provide effective money we

use US dollars so in this video let me

login here

in this video I just want to show you


how you can exchange your bitcoins for

how you can get your bitcoins and

exchange them into u.s. dollars and you

send them right in here inside yo US

dollar account you can see I have 0.03

so if I have my Bitcoin and I want to

exchange this I need you to note that

the exchange rate is this currently this

is an external site they are not

operating like a current rate the

current rate is this but for them they

are giving at this range so you need to

put that in mind so all right so maybe I

need to get like ten eleven US dollars

all right / 50 - account

that means our inducing them 0.0018

bitcoin where Egypt is according to the

current rate how you send them 11.50

which is okay

I'm just feeling point five and then

there'll be some other extra charges

it's fine as long as I get to buy one so

this is what I'm going to do you just

come yeah you might you wish to put your

email address is that a comment house

and count s what I can put as the

permission I you accept the terms and

condition and then you click here now

this is where I need to perform you

can't dancing you BTC with this address

to send bitcoins this is the British

address where I went to send it a 0.01

181 bitcoins so what you do if you have

a broken application in the other

application packs file has actual code

why all most of the applications do how

just need to scan this and oh this

address and a the details of the amount

you need to send you will be put in the

application for your wallet so if you

don't have an application and you want

to use the web for example you might

need to his Brooke gendered call I will

need to login I'll post a video and ok

ok I've logged in into my Broxson awhile

wallet so I'll just click here on send I

come here I'll copy this address right

here I paste it here

the amount of business I need to send -

I'll just copy this courtesan they need

me to say I'll copy first achieve this

test I just want to chat minutes I'll

put a comment maybe to be which to kill


violet so I'm just playing those guys

and then I hit continue after hitting

coach in the moment I hit chain I hit on

send right here the money will be sent

to this address and off when you are

done sending money there you need to

copy this unit itself this address

somewhere you can just here you can

serve it there you right-click open in a

new tab this one we have not yet

received your payments this one this

link here says link to all payments

status so when you are done paying

remember blockchain network needs to the

Bitcoin network needs to make one two

three confirmations for your money to

reach the destination so you will just

not use this link right here which is

this one to be able to track your

progress and see if that the rock of

emissions are made you just check your

Perfect Money account and your 11 US

dollars will be there then from here you

can send to any of your friends who has

diversity USD account in their pocket

demand I hope this video has been of

great use to you and thank you for

checking out my video I don't make

videos for you about cryptocurrency how

to add mine online and other programs

that you can use to earn money

French get into contact with me just

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thank you for watching in the next video