How to convert Bitcoin to Naira on the Binance Exchange

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once you punch this this page click on

this cell this BTC and jam and is the

current price elastic design 100% to tip

all your select all your BTC which you

want to say and then it will fill in the

command is the amount of Nara you get


is the current price now now if you are

dizzy this is this green side by order

this roadside sell orders and also since

you are selling you were looking at this

buy order this depress that people want

to buy right now and is the pride of

this red side press that people won't

sell so since you are selling you

looking at this side and then you take a

price that is like better for you you

know this person wants to buy 2.1 BTC at

3.3 million fathanah et al

so if this guy's price is okay for you

can just click on here and it

automatically fill in here and then you

take your 100% to sell all our

for you but then if all this one's

confusing for you you can josh come to

this really right limit order and click

it and select markets order this method

allow me to sell at Mattel price it is

allied Korean Mattel price as long as

eyes you are ready to pick the order

as long as I knew already to to buy a

current market price it if you just

click sell it automatically opposite

said has magically sell this me your BTC

for you to man Jenner immediately

instant execution letters