Exchanging Bitcoin to Dogecoin on Changelly

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hey guys it's MJ the students actuary

and in this video we're going to be

converting Bitcoin into dog queen this

is my cool little makeshift logo for the

moment but let's get it out of the way

and get to it so what I want to do is

take my Bitcoin and convert it into dog

coin so this is my Bitcoin wallet sure

I've got just a little bit around almost

$15 worth of Bitcoin and I want to send

that to dog boy so what I want to do is

send it to this address here now I was

busy doing the transaction and I thought

this basically resets it so that you

guys can see it I'm gonna be sending

this amount of Bitcoin and it's gonna be

generating that amount of dog coin for

me so what you do is you hit exchange

now I've never used this website before

hence why I'm using such a small amount

it's called change Lee changing Lee I

don't know pronounce that but what I'm

doing is I'm putting in my dog coin

address so this is the address to where

I want the money to be sent

I then click Next I then say confirm and

make payments it then generates this

little address which I'm going to copy

come back to my Bitcoin and I'm gonna

send money to that address

so two Bitcoin address I'm gonna put in

that amount and then the amount I'm

gonna type in here it's gonna be zero

zero four one nine two eight five so

that's almost it's almost $2 worth of

dougie coin and I'm gonna click send

payment okay

and what happens now okay so I wanted it

so that I would have three three cents

of Bitcoin but oh well I guess it's

taken a little bit off as the network

fee so y'all so we've decreased on the

dog coin this transaction thing is um

what do we do

I think this

is done now and now what we're gonna do

is we're gonna wait for for this to


so I'm gonna click refresh I doubt it

will happen instantly

but um okay what I'm going to do is I'm

gonna pause the video so that you guys

won't have to sit and then in 20 minutes

time I'm gonna check back to see if it's

yep hopefully the money comes through

and I haven't just thrown some Bitcoin

away that is one of the big risks I

guess with using cryptocurrency is that

there is a lot of trust involved so that

might have been Bitcoin going into the

wind hence why I'm only doing a little

bit of only that's like two dollars

worth finally I will want to send all my

money into the doggie coin so let me

pause this video and and wait for it to

come through because palacios refresh

again yeah I think it is gonna take some

time so let me pause the video I don't

actually know how to pause a video

that's that's kind of awkward so what

I'm gonna do is I'm going to stop the

screen recording and then just record

another one I'm sorry let's get that

done hey guys we are back and I've got

some good news the transaction worked as

you can see if we click here

transactions the amount has come through

so that is the amount of dogcoin i had

from my previous one i put through and

converted the Bitcoin and bam there it

is that it's beautiful I was I was very

worried because I said it would take

twenty minutes and it took an entire

hour and I was thinking oh my gosh maybe

I've just just thrown that down the

drain but the good news is is that the

money has come through so now what what

is the point of dogecoin I mean a lot of

you guys been asking it in the comment

section I mean the whole thing is to

have fun start learning about a

cryptocurrency so what we're gonna be

doing is the first five people to share

this video and post their dog coin

wallet address I'm gonna give you guys a

hundred dogcoin for doing that so share

the video I get some more views that way

give me your

the address and I'll send you $100 or

dode coinz

I don't know I've got a South African

accent so we don't know how to pronounce

that word also stay stay tuned stay

subscribed I mean I am busy making a

video on depreciation which is an

accounting and actuarial topic but I

will be you know making it around

Bitcoin and the mining hard way just to

make it more colorful I mean you can see

when we're talking about gold it's gonna

be exciting and I'm also going to be

giving away dog coin in that video as

well so if you want to get into

cryptocurrency I highly recommend that

you subscribe to my channel I'm gonna be

giving a lot of these coins away I have

a lot to give away and like I said I'm

probably gonna go back to Bitcoin now

that I know this thing works I'm gonna

be sending myself even more so I've got

a pile of cash and either send it to you


so first five people who share this

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thanks guys so much for watching and

I'll see you next time but we will be

talking about depreciation I know it's a

bit of a boring topic like if you've

heard from either school but this is

going to be the best video on

depreciation ever it's gonna be amazing

so make sure you watch that even if

you're not doing like subjects et2

and even if you're not even like a

Bitcoin enthusiast it's gonna be awesome

so yeah otherwise I don't think you've

got anything else to say I hope you

enjoyed watching this cheers guys