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I'm gonna talk about well actually out

what I'm gonna do is that I'm gonna

reinvest two big connect a thousand two

hundred and fifty that I have in

coinbase and I am ready to make the

transfer to big connect and so I can

start earning uh some daily interest

that big connect offers to me and hat

and gives me the opportunity so right

now we're looking right now it's the

price of Bitcoin is pretty high right

now and I am like I am ready to make

this transaction I've been waiting a

couple days because Bitcoin been going

up so I invested I started off in less

than a month I started off with nine

hundred and I forgot something dollars

and I was able to make a thousand two

hundred and sixty one are waiting on

these days because it's been so

parabolic it had dropped to 7800 let's

let's look at the day me it's just been

going up all these green candlesticks

man is going parabolic and I was just

like you know why let me hold on to you

because I know it's gonna surpass the

seventy-five thousand and and they kept

going up and I was and you know I was

able to make a little extra money so I

can reinvest it back to be connect so

right now what I'm gonna do is that I'm

gonna send it to Bitcoin reconnect

sorry--but connect and I am ready to

make this transfer so I'm so excited

right now right now I'm going to show

you the step by steps how to had to put

bitcoins to your big connect wallet and

I'm just gonna show you the whole

transaction how to make it so in order

in case you need any help you can just

go to my video and see how I did it so

what I'm gonna do right now is that I'm

gonna click on coinbase my BTC wallet

I'm gonna click send because I'm sending

to big connect and I click here they

connect waling I mean big Bitcoin wallet

sorry I click on this link right here

copy go back to coinbase I paste down

here and right now we are going to make

the transaction so I'm gonna put mount

send max you're gonna charge me a fee

and by the way well right now it's 3.8

which is not that much so that's pretty

good a thousand two hundred and sixty

two with a cost of three dollars and

eight cents so right now I'm gonna click


let me enter the digit code the digit

code you receive it on your phone so now

I click confirm

your transaction is on the way you said

0.15 eleven seven one two to be TCS

which equals to a thousand two hundred

and fifty nine point twenty six and it's

going to be setting it says that it's

gonna take a couple minutes so I'll be

waiting on these couple minutes and I

will show you how to how to exchange

your bitcoins two big connect so like

that you will be able to make your

investment so once I send up the money

from coinbase two big connect you have

to check right here this is the address

of the pending transaction that is going

through it might take a couple minutes

and just give it some time and once this

disappears you have to look at your

coinbase wallet and you will have your

transaction money so I need right here

so it took about ten minutes for the

Bitcoin to being in my Bitcoin wallet on

big connect and as you can see right

here I have the total amount that I have

to set and the next step what we have to

do is the training part so what you're

trying to do now is we China you try to

buy bitcoins to bcc's big night so you

have to do the exchange and how do you

do it you go all the way down here and

you see where it says by CC's you want

to buy some CCS so you can do the

investment with big connect so you click

all if you want to or you could just

manually changing here for me in this

case I will click all and I will click

buy bacon a coins and it will give me a

confirmed by here BTC to BCC's quantity

for P BCC's at the price subtotal and

the total fee so once you

verifies is correct d click confirm and

it says here a bcc by placed so what you

just did now is that you transfer your

bitcoins to be cc's which is big collect

and now let's refresh this as now as you

can see it took one minute for it could

be in your big connect wallet your bcc

so now as you can see the prices for one

bcc is 297 and it shows you that I have

for BCC so now what I want to do is that

I am going to click Len bit connect then

I put the total amount that I want to

invest in so it's gonna be a thousand

two hundred and let's say sixty or

eighty four set so I'm able to invest to

a thousand two seventy and the total is

four point twenty six twenty three

ninety five seventy seven and this falls

under this category which is a thousand

ten to five thousand I'm gonna get the

software volatility interest plus zero

point ten percent daily and my capital

release will be two hundred and thirty

nine days so I just click I read the

Terms of Use and pay from Beck connect

Wally click here you confirm click

confirm and boom right there you have a


ladies and gentlemen I just reinvested

my first a thousand two hundred and

seventy dollars to picnic this is

awesome I can't wait for my daily

interest plus already had I started off

forty one days ago with 120 and I kept

reinvesting compound compounding my

entrance loans and I will be having a

total of

maybe a dozen to 70 a dozen 500 around

there and I'm really excited you know I

want to start receiving these entrance

loans and as we can see here now my

total investment with big connect is a

thousand four hundred and fifty and so

far I have earned from the lending

profit $55 and from my Philly bonus $20

point ninety a total earned of $76 point

35 and that will be organized and I'm

just gonna be waiting for these next 24

hours to see how much I will be getting

a total and I will keep reinvesting my

money with big connect and I will keep

getting more referrals so if you wanna

sign up on the micro you're more than

welcome I will leave the link under this

and you can sign up or you can also

check out my webpage which I am going to

be which I am going to be updating on

the videos but if you want to start you

just click how to start and you stroll

down and then we'll give you the step by

steps on what you have to do you will

have to open up a coin or coin base

account so you can buy bitcoins and then

open an account with big connect you can

click here so the link will take you

straight through to sign up

really basic information you need it

just fill in our first name last name

password and you agree to the terms and

you sign them and also the third step is

start investing it now if you want more

videos on on how to do everything you

just click more videos and I'll take it

to my youtube channel which I'll be

updating to real soon too and that will

be all for today guys I hope you liked

the video give it a thumbs up and you

are more than welcome to join big

connect if you have any questions just

leave a comment below or write to my

email you can write to me and

administrators at big bitcoin journey 7

to calm ok I'll be posting up another

video next week to see how are my

entrance loans on this new investment

that I made today and I will catch our

next week CEO