How to sell skins for Cryptocurrency! (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ALTCOINS!)

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yo what is going on everyone my name is

Matt and welcome to a new video on my

channel in today's video I'll be showing

you guys how to sell your csgo pub gh1

set one or any other game skin for

Bitcoin aetherium or any other coin you

would like so this is the menu that I

created for the video and in this video

I'll be talking about how to get free

skins and then sell those skins for

aetherium Bitcoin or light coin I will

be also telling you guys what Wallis you

can use to hold your coins I will be

going over on how to exchange those

coins that you're holding for different

coins and what exchanges you can use to

do so and what coins I am holding myself

if you want to skip through a certain

subject of the video you can skip to the

time markers showing on your screen

right now and you can come back to the

menu later on and if you just want to

watch the whole video instead then let's

get started I am making this video

because I know a lot of people are

interested in investing into

cryptocurrency but they don't really

know how to get it in the first place

and I know for a fact that some of these

people might have some useless csgo pub

G or any other game skins laying around

that they could use to invest into

crypto I do want to mention that I am

NOT a financial advisor and everything I

say in this video is for learning

purposes only so even though you might

only have a couple of dollars or maybe

even a couple of cents laying around I

think you should really consider

investing that into cryptocurrencies and

the reason I am bringing this up is

because back in 2009 when Bitcoin

started it only used to be half a cents

per coin and I mean if you look at the

price today I think that is a very nice

profit for the people who bought it all

the way back in 2009 so anyways guys

let's get started so first of all you

want to have a skin that you can sell

and if you don't have a skin that you

can sell there are plenty of ways on how

to get skins for free so just to do some

shameless promotion for myself I have

Messi Escom which is my own website

where I have a lot of websites listed

with a lot of referral codes that you

could use and maybe you would end up

winning a skin for free next to that I

also own skin - raffles comm which is a

skin raffle website but we have the

option for you to complete offers to get

free credits now once you earn those

credits you can spend them on raffles

and you can also win a skin for free

that way so that is something that you

could do if you don't have skins but if

you do already have skins let's get

started so the best website to sell your

skins on is Opie skins command that is

also the website that I'll be using in

this video and no I'm not saying this

because they sponsored me I use the

website on the daily basis myself but I

do have a referral go to the website so

if you want to use that link to sign up

to the website make sure to check out

the link in the description so once

you're on Opie skins the only thing you

have to do is log in to the website go

to your account

filling your trade URL and sell one of

your items on the sell page selling an

item is super easy you just go over to

the sell page and you click on an item

then you select a price for the item now

I usually go one percent under the

normal market so my items insta sell so

I directly have the money but it's up to

you if you want to wait a little bit for

someone to buy your item for a little

bit more money so once your skins have

sold you have some money waiting for you

on your Opie skins account and now you

want to take a look at some wallets that

you want to store your cryptocurrencies

into so there's a total of four

different type of wallets that I know

myself and if I miss one let me know in

the comments down below

so the easiest one and also the most

popular one is to have a wallet for your

crypto on your phone next to that

they're also desktop wallets which you

can use on your computer but I prefer

having a wallet on my phone because I

can always keep it with me then there's

two more advanced wallets and this is

the hardware wallet and the vapor wallet

now I have never used a paper wallet

myself before and neither have I ever

used a hardware wallet so I can't talk

from experience but as far as I know

these are the most secure wallets you

can have but if you're just getting

started with crypto I would just start

off with a phone wallet or a wallet on

your desktop for a phone wallet I would

suggest you use jacks

I'll leave a tutorial in the top right

corner of your screen right now you can

click on it watch the tutorial before

you use it I would suggest you do so and

that is because I don't want you to lose

your coins because you're not careful

enough and if you want to use a wallet

for on your computer I would suggest you

use the electron wallet I'll also leave

a tutorial in the top right corner of

your screen right now you can click on

it watch the tutorial and obviously I

don't want you to lose your coins

because you're not informed enough in

this video I won't be talking about

hardware or paper wallets but I'll leave

links in the description so you can

learn about them and maybe use those in

the future so now did you either have a

Bitcoin or aetherium wallet you should

be ready to cash out your funds into

that wallet from Obi skins I do want to

mention that on biscuits comm you're

able to cash out your skins into

litecoin now I know that some people

might be interested in like going over

aetherium or Bitcoin but I personally

prefer using Opie skins and I'm going to

use aetherium to cash out my funds

because of the lower fee so whenever a

coin is being transferred there is a

transaction fee on the coin and Bitcoin

currently has a very high mining fee

which means that you're paying a lot of

extra money just to get your coins

transferred and that is exactly why I'm

going to use etherium because they carry

a lower transferring fee so on the opie

skins cash out page you have options to

cash out into Bitcoin or etherium and as

I said I'm going to cash out into ëthere

iam so what you want to do is go over to

your wallet and look up the recieving

address of

wallet please make sure that if you're

cashing out into aetherium that you're

using an aetherium compatible wallet and

if you're cashing out into bit go and

make sure you're using a Bitcoin

compatible wallet so once you have found

your recieving address on your wallet

you want to go over to Opie skins and

fill in that address to your cash out

address on Opie skins I would suggest

you not to type the address but to email

it to yourself if you're using a phone

for example because if you type it you

can make a mistake and you can lose all

your funds so once you're done filling

in your address you made sure everything

is double-checked everything is correct

you can now select your withdrawing

amount and click cash out I do want to

mention that if your cashing out lower

amounts of money the transaction may

take longer for cryptocurrencies I don't

exactly know the technical reason behind

why it does but it just does but anyways

congratulations you have now cashed out

your skins into a cryptocurrency and now

you only have to wait to receive the

cryptocurrency in your wallet so let's

get behead a few hours and you've now

successfully received the coins in your

wallet so what you want to do next is

look into what goings you want to buy

into because there's a lot of different

coins on a lot of different exchanges

since you're either holding Bitcoin

litecoin or ethereum you should be good

because most exchanges accept those

three coins as they're the most accepted

going everywhere so as I said there's a

lot of different exchanges and a lot of

different coins which means that not

every exchange offers every coin that

you want to buy so make sure to deposit

on an exchange that accepts your coin

now there's two exchanges that I use

myself which are Q coin and buy Nance

I will leave my referral signup link to

those exchanges in the description down


now obviously you don't have to use

those referral links but if you do end

up using them it really helps me out a

lot so thank you bye Nance is one of the

biggest exchanges that you can trade

with a lot of alt coins with and it is

also very easy to use on kyouko and you

have even smaller coins and I kinda like

that because those will give you more

profit if you do your research right the

reason why I am investing into alt coins

instead of just the bigger coins like

ethereum Bitcoin or litecoin is because

I think alt coins are way more

profitable since the coin is still in a

very low value so depositing your

ethereum Bitcoin or light coin or any

other coin onto an exchange is super

easy so you sign up to an exchange make

sure that the exchange you're signing up

to is a legit one and you have done your

research for it and then once you have

signed up go to your coins list and look

for the coin that you are holding

yourself that you want to deposit onto

the exchange so I am taking by Nance and

ethereum as an example right now and if

I go over to my

finance going list I should be able to

find my aetherium coin so if you have

found the ethereum in your coin list you

should be able to find the deposit

button right next to the coin you want

to deposit so if you click on the

deposit button it should show an address

to you that you can fill in on your

wallet to send coins but if you're on

your phone for example you can also

deposit crypto via a QR code shown on

the deposit page of your exchange for

the coin that you want to deposit that

way you don't have to deal with emailing

a code or something to your phone or

whatever you have to do to make sure

that the code you filled in is correct

so once you have done all of that you

should be able to transfer the coins

from your wallet to the exchange you

simply select how much value you want to

send from your wallet to the exchange

and then wait a few hours for your going

to arrive on the exchange so now that

you have received the coins that you've

sent from your wallet you can start

trading and please make sure that you

know what you're doing when you're using

an exchange because if you do anything

wrong you could just end up losing all

your coins in an instant

so from here on you should do your own

research on what goings you want to

invest in to read their white papers

visit their website take a look at the

community the coin already has and then

start deciding if you want to invest

into the coin or not so right now I'm

going to be talking about the coins that

I am currently holding if you're not

interested in that thank you guys for

watching make sure to leave a like on

the video subscribe to my channel if you

want to see more and if you want to know

what coins I've invested into let's go

so the coins that I've currently

invested into myself are wax Virge basic

attention token and Colossus going XT

even though I got scammed for my

colossus coin XT I'll talk about that in

a bit so the reason I invested into wax

is because it is a coin made by Opie

skins and of course all of you probably

know Opie skins because that is the main

thing we used in this video if you

didn't know already wax is an actual

crypto that you can cash out from your

Opie skins balance directly into wax on

the Opie skins website so basically if

you do not want to deal with any of the

exchanges and just directly want to

invest into wax then you can basically

do that without having any wallets any

exchanges or anything needed to transfer

coins just directly convert your Opie

skins balance into wax and that is it

the reason why I like wax is because

it's made by Opie skins and Opie skins

is one of the biggest companies in the

multi-billion dollar skin market so that

is one of the reasons why I trust it and

also one of the reasons why I invested

into it is because I think the skin

market is going to grow a lot more over

the year so my second investment is Virg

and the reason why I've been investing

into Virg is because

I think it is gonna be a very nice coin

for the future of cryptocurrency and

that is because Virg is very specialized

in the stealth and the privacy of your

coins now it doesn't even really matter

if I say it's my opinion or not but in

my opinion I think virtue is gonna be a

really big coin in the future because of

the privacy regarding cryptocurrency and

that's one of the reasons why I decided

to invest into Virg so next to wax and

virtue I'm also holding basic attention

token which is short for baat the reason

why I invested into bi T is because they

want to improve digital advertising and

that is basically what I make my money

off so why would I not invest into my

own future now I have not done too much

research on ba T myself but I do think

it is a noteworthy coin that you should

probably check out and maybe invest into

so that is basically why I've invested

into that coin so talking about Co LX or

Colossus coin XT I bought it on an

exchange called coins markets calm and

that coins Marcus exchange actually

ended up being a scam now I could tell

that that certain exchange wasn't

looking too good as a site but I knew it

was functional because a lot of people

were talking about it that was kind of

dumb for me to trust it blindly like

that because I deposited five hundred

dollars worth of light going onto the


exchanged it for Co LX and after that I

actually left the coins on to the

exchange and that is not one of the

smartest things you can do when you're

using a not so known exchange as rule

number one is basically never leave your

coins on an exchange if you do not plan

on training them you're better off

trading the coins from the exchange into

a different wallet for the coins you've

exchanged the two than leaving them on

the exchange forever so what happens to

the exchange was it basically went down

or something I don't know it has some

database issues some connection server

issues and I can basically not log into

the website and I think I lost my coins

so that kind of sucks so guys that was

basically it for my first script of

video I tried to make it as interesting

and helpful as possible and hopefully I

did bring that across I will also leave

a detailed guide in the description down

below on how to do everything I've told

you guys about in this video so don't

worry if you miss anything or if you

don't understand anything do not worry

you can just read over everything again

in the description so anyways guys that

was basically all that I had to say so

if you did enjoy the video make sure to

leave a like on the video and maybe

subscribe to my channel and turn on the

notifications if you want to see more of

my uploads and I was basically all that

I had to say and I'm out peace