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the ripple has made a tremendous

increase in the past couple of weeks and

you want to get involved with ripple in

this video I'll be showing you how to

buy ripple on by nets quickly and

effectively what's up I'm Brandon Young

on this channel I teach you how to make

multiple streams of income baby so if

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without further ado let me show you how

to buy ripple on Finance

now in order to buy ripple you have only

four choices and the cryptocurrencies

that you can actually trade to buy

ripple now these include bitcoin

aetherium finance coin and tether for

simplicity I'm gonna be using coin base

and we're gonna be buying some Bitcoin

and using that to actually buy Ripple

but I just want you to know that bitcoin

is a bit slow right now so if you do

have some etherium some finance coin or

you have some tether that you want to

switch over to buy Ripple

you're welcome to use those as well so

your first step is to actually go to

coin base if you do not have a coin base

account and you want to get involved

with coinbase be sure to go use my link

it's in the description and I'm not

gonna be going into how to buy Bitcoin

and how to send the Bitcoin I actually

made a video that will show you how to

do that so pause this video go watch the

card it should pop up right there at

this moment and it will show you how to

buy bitcoin how to set up your coin base

account how to send and receive Bitcoin

from and to your account so now the next

thing you actually want to do is you

want to send your Bitcoin to Finance now

what you want to do is you want to head

over to buy Nance comm if you don't have

a buy um account be sure to go

and check out my description I will

leave my link in there so you can go

sign up but the first thing you want to

do is you want to scroll over to the

right and you'll see funds you're gonna

go down and press deposits and


now we're gonna wait for that to load

now once it loads it will bring you to a

list of all the coins that you have on

your actual account now what you want to

do is you want to type in BTC or

whatever coin that you're gonna actually

use to buy Ripple you want to be able to

deposit that into your account so you're

gonna press you're gonna go over to BTC

Bitcoin and you're gonna go over to

deposits and it'll give you a Bitcoin

deposit address this address is what

you're gonna send on your own coin basic

dump so you're gonna copy that address

you're gonna head back over to coin base

and under send it won't actually let me

send anything because I don't have any

Bitcoin in my account

but once you press send and you have

actually have Bitcoin in your wallet

you'll see a box that says recipient

you're gonna paste that address into the

recipient box you're gonna put in the

amount of Bitcoin that you actually want

to send and you're gonna send it over to


now Bitcoin has been acting very slow

lately it is a very slow coin so

processing times do take a bit long

expect it to take maybe three to four

hours for it to process to finance once

that does happen your last and final

step is to buy some ripple so what

you're gonna do is you're gonna head

over to exchange in the top left corner

you're gonna go over to basic and you're

gonna press basic once that loads up

it's gonna give you a screen that

basically shows you this graph now I

don't know what ticker it will show you

but in order to find the ripple ticker

the ripple ticker is actually XRP so

what you're gonna do is you're gonna in

that search bar on the right you're

gonna type in X RP and you'll see it

come up now depending on which currency

you're actually using to buy

Ripple this is the BTC box this is the

ethereum box this is the bye Nance plain

box and this is the tether box so if you

want to buy it with tether you would

press USD T if you want to buy it with

buy enhance coin you would press B and B

so on so forth

bow since we're buying a Bitcoin we're

gonna press the BTC box now what you

want to do is depending on what's the

amount of balance you have in your

Bitcoin account if you want to use your

whole balance you would copy paste that

balance right here or you and you say a

hundred percent and it would by the UM

ripple for you it would just basically

put in everything that's in your account

but if you want to just buy a certain

amount of ripple so if you want to buy

twenty thousand ripple that would cost

you one point three seven four six

Bitcoin which I do not have any way

depending on how much ripple you want to

buy you would put that amount in here

you would buy it or you would put your

Bitcoin balance in there and you would

paste it in this box

that is marked BTC then lastly it would

pit egg by XRP and congratulations you

got yourself some rip I know I skip out

on many parts but I do have some videos

showing you how to do the parts that

I've left out so if you are a bit

clueless and you don't you got lost in

there just be sure to check out some of

those videos I'll leave it in the

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