How to transfer Bitcoin to PayPal, without coinbase!

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hi guys welcome to this week's video so

this week we're going to be taking a

look at how to transfer your Bitcoin

into your PayPal account it's actually

easier than it sounds so I've been doing

this for over a year now

more so taking money from PayPal into

Bitcoin rather than the other way around

but I know that's what a lot of people

seem to be asking me here on YouTube so

I thought I'd do this quick little video

and the good news is this is a quick

little video because the process is

pretty simple so if you're ready let's

get straight into it okay now to get

this working for you all you're gonna

need is one obviously you're gonna need

PayPal account and secondly something

like this this is a wyrex card and it's

linked to a Bitcoin wallet plus stellar

lumens dye a bunch of other sort cryptos

as well now if in your country you

cannot get a wire X card you might be

able to get something like I think is

bit wala or bitpay

or even coinbase now do a card although

it is about 4% on transfers into fiat

and so forth so Y ryx is pretty good

certainly the one I would recommend it's

the one I use all of the time you can

control all of your wallets straight

from your mobile device so get your

iPhone and just open up the wire X and

you can just go through over to the fiat

currency account wherever that's US

dollars euros British pounds like myself

or room I think if they're even doing

Aussie dollars and Hong Kong dollars and

a bunch of other ones as well now

basically just go over there and

exchange from Bitcoin over into whatever

that you like and there you have it

simple as that you've now got your money

transferred from Bitcoin back into paper

money so that you can spend it and if

you want to spend it online stand over

to PayPal this is the next step that you

need to take so all you have to do is

basically log in to PayPal and once

there click that money tab there at the

top and that should take you to a page

where you've got this here transfer

money so it's pretty simple you have to

do is click transfer money and from

there click

in the front and from there all you need

to do is click on your bank account

manually so we go into our PayPal

balance and we're going to set up this

bank account manually so we'll just

click continue and what PayPal is gonna

do now is give us our PayPal bank

account details and here they are right

here so we've got the payee obviously

it's PayPal and we've got a sort code

and our account number plus our customer

reference ID so that's what you need to

put in when you actually send the funds

through just as a reference so PayPal

know who it's for and then head over to

wherever it's so whether it's wyrex or

bit waller bitpay whichever one you use

in maybe even Krypto pay which everyone

really doesn't matter too much but once

you are logged in here and I'm just

gonna show you on wyrex I should imagine

it's the same on bit pay and coinbase

card or whatever else they've got just

come over to wyrex and click on what

we're gonna do we want to send in some

pounds so click on your pound account

and go down to add funds and from add

funds there we go

no sorry we don't want to add funds to

me we want to send some money so click

on here to send and we're gonna go with

faster payments that's a GBP transfers

and click on to myself so you want to

send some funds to yourself and here you

can add in the sort code and also the

account number that you got from PayPal

and that is it boys and girls ladies and

gentlemen that is how simple it is these

days to transfer your Bitcoin into paper

money and paper money back into Bitcoin

it's as simple as that

all you need is one of these super cool

wire X cards or something very very

similar and you too can be transferring

cash into crypto and back again as

simple as that so if you've actually

learned something here in this video

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for me for now that I told you I told

you it was a simple and very quick

solution so that's it guys hope I hope

you liked it and I shall see you again

next week