How to Turn USD into BTC and other CRYPTO's ... EASY!

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yahoo what's going on everyone welcome

back to the vosscoin youtube channel

today we're going to be showing you

the easiest ways to buy

bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but

it's going to be focused on turning us

dollars really any fiat currency

into bitcoin and other crypto currencies

there's a lot of apps you can use a lot

of options

and although us citizens have some of

the toughest times

in the world investing in things

especially like cryptocurrency and


there are still tons of services

available for u.s citizens

which is great news because well that's

what today's video is all about

by the end of this short video you're

gonna know how to buy and sell

cryptocurrency you're gonna know where

but most importantly you're going to see

the best

options for turning your dollars into

bitcoin and cryptocurrency

and we're going to go over some of the

top sign up bonuses

available for you so let's run 10

seconds of tails the best shiba inu and


in the world and then we're gonna jump

into today's video


one of our favorite cryptocurrency

exchanges for

anyone in the us who wants to turn

dollars into bitcoin and crypto

is gemini why because one it's available

to new york citizens

residents which is uncommon okay

they have free wires of basically any


so you can instantly get your money in

and out

with no additional fees they also have a

ten dollar sign up bonus

you click this icon you click deposit

into gemini

and it'll take you to this screen you

just click on usd

and from here you can choose a deposit

method like

a normal ach transfer or a wire

depending on what your bank will let you


and then for example you can select your

bank account click continue

and enter the amount that you want to

receive from there and just like that

that money will be on its way withdrawn

from your bank and into the crypto


ready for trading keep in mind for

basically any of these

functions and sites we're going to do

today require you to go through a basic

kyc process

know your customer means they're going

to want to know your name your address

your social probably a picture of your

id maybe a picture of you in your face

holding up a little piece of paper or


the reason being don't present the


and sites that all do this they are

required to do this thanks to the us

government okay so if you don't like it

you need to talk to your government

about regulations and everything

associated with that because if they

don't follow all this

anti-money laundering procedures then


would be basically legal fined and not

able to offer you any of these services

we have a link out in the video

description below if you want to sign up

with gemiini

you get ten dollars for free when you

buy or sell a hundred dollars worth

of coin on their exchange if you use our


everybody's heard about coinbase well

you probably have

and well for good reason they're

established they're trustworthy and

they've done a good job

overall okay overall notice the overall

there they also have coinbase pro which

we're not going to go into today but

it's basically coinbase with less fees

and a nicer

more trader oriented interface and

coinbase is offering more coins to buy

and sell than ever before here

on their site they also have the same uh

invite a friend to coinbase and you both

get ten dollars when they buy or sell

one hundred dollars of cryptocurrency on

coinbase same thing that gemini is doing

and we'll have that linked out so you

guys can cash in like ten dollars for


and support the channel in the video

description if you would like to do so

one of the cool things that coinbase has

done previously

okay is they have their coinbase earned

stuff and with this

for example we posted a video about this

a while ago but you could

come on here you could watch some videos

on stellar lumens

you know xlm you watch a couple videos

you answer a couple we answer a couple


you get fifty dollars for free in the

coin it's pretty cool stuff you know

if you got some down time why not

they're also offering staking rewards on

their site

trying to compete with other services

like the app which we're

going to talk about here in a second

but for example you can buy or just

deposit your tasos here xtz

and you'll get an estimated reward of 4

right now annual interest on this and

you can see it actively goes up

that's a pretty cool indicator just kind

of making you feel like you're earning

you're getting stuff

uh same thing with the usdc coin on here

a whopping point fifteen percent

i mean look they're giving normal u.s

bank accounts earned for their money but

that sad interest rate

they also give a um they also let you

earn some rewards

on uh die dai it's a stable coin

one thing i do like that they've

recently added to their site is the

convert function so i've got some

bitcoin in here

right and so let's go in here and let's


to that usdc that doesn't make all that

much money

so let's say i want 31 dollars and 20


i can go ahead and spend that i'm going

to get 29

worth of usdc somewhere along the way

i'm going to lose two dollars in fees

and the conversion rate from

btc to usd

also click click do that takes a second

and then you'll notice that the order

was submitted i'll get an update

when that is completed but we can come

over here we can go to earn rewards

and you will see that that conversion

was pretty much

instantaneous and you can see we're now

we're already earning lifetime rewards i

didn't mean to click that

on usdc but you'll notice that

continuing to go up slowly

like that but as far as turning dollars

into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

it's just like the other one i mean you

link your bank account like this

you click the one you want to use you

click buy

say one hundred dollars and it's 111 111


you'll see that this is your purchase

this is the purchase price

coinbase is charging you a fee of 2.99


and they will let you trade your btc

instantly while we wait for your funds

you can send your btc

in up to four days so in about four days

we can maybe move it to say

a wallet outside of an exchange because

traditionally you should try to keep

your coins in your own wallet as opposed

on exchanges

depending what you're doing with them

our favorite app for turning dollars

into cryptocurrency and bitcoin is


not their website exchange but app which

is available at all almost every state

in the us right now

now excluding new york though so our

reason being is because one you get a 50

sign up bonus and you also support a

channel when you use that because we get

compensated for that

as well but it's not just for some fifty

dollar signup bonus which does

significantly beat

every other exchange right now just to

be clear with that one okay so it's

five times the sign up bonus okay that's

pretty cool

a little bit different sign up terms but

what we like about it is their earned

function from here

you can stake all kinds of coins like

bitcoin basic attention token ethereum

bitcoin cash ripple litecoin eos binance

coin tasos chain link stellar

usdc coin cosmos maker

you can stake die in there and there's

several other cryptocurrencies they just

added i think like elrond and you can

stake v

chain now vet and my point is so like

we're earning point

we're earning 0.15 percent on our usdc

on coinbase okay we're earning over

10 percent on our usdc in this app

that is a massive increase look at tezos

earning four percent with a less than 50

it was mco then but now it's going to be

1000 crow

they've changed their coin associated

with the staking tiers but simply put

i'm earning

six percent staking my tasos in this app

which is two percent more than coinbase

or it could be just earning

the same coin base rate if i did not

have that bigger stake

i've already talked about this right up

here posted on the vox coin talk best


forum in the world bitcoin talk banned

me again

so i i in this write-up i talked about

just kind of what i'm doing and some

things like that for example

i bought into cord or i started staking


i staked 10 000 coins and at that point


it was worth about eight hundred and

fifty one dollars at the time of this

article the coins were worth about one

thousand two hundred thirty dollars

right now they're worth one thousand

three hundred something dollars

and at this time i'd earned sixty four

eighty eight cardano

coins just from the crypto earn app in

this you know this function here

so i earned about 64 more coins which at

that time was about plus eight dollars

and that means that i earned over 400

between the appreciation of the coins as

well as the addition uh increase in the

state coins a big deal here that i

really like about this

is just the simple fact that you can

get paid out in the coins you're staking

and when you go to buy things

on the app you can use your

debit card right now for

zero percent fee which is pretty cool

because none of these other services

will let you use any so any form of card

it's always an ach

transfer or a wire transfer none of them

will let you use

a debit card or a credit card but

most of your banks will probably ban

your credit card just because they don't

want you dealing with a crypto

site and since has

in their name

they kind of know you're trying to buy

crypto so i did have success with my

debit card

and zero percent fees on that no other

services can touch that so they're


in multiple categories from passive

incomes taking capabilities

five times the signup bonus on you know

comparable options

and zero percent fee debit card credit

card purchases

the next exchange you want to talk about

is kind of like an og exchange right

they are they're old school they keep it

real they say what's right

and they have not abandoned u.s citizens

like many

other top international cryptocurrency

exchanges have

so that would be kraken a cool name cool

logo cool colors i really like their


kind of graphic design department

whoever's in there i think is doing a

really good job i really liked when they

rebranded to the

like the neon purple we almost did that

with our logo because it's just it's

just cool looking and i can deal with it

and it looks good on white and black

which is hard to do

okay hard to do when you start thinking

about that but the point is

how you you turning your dollars into

bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

okay so again you gotta get verified on

here gotta sign up

they are not based in the us there's

pros and cons to that

absolutely well i think there's gonna be

more pros just based on they're not held

to the same regulatory standard

that u.s exchanges would be so you're

going to have a

potentially wider option here of uh

coins you can buy one of the things that

they're starting to do like everyone

else lately

is they're trying to offer some kind of

staking platform for example you can put

tasers on here

earn six percent they're also going to

launch cosmos atom staking dash

dash staking and ethereum eat staking

here or they're planning to

on their exchange in these sometime near

or far

future as far as turning your us dollars

into cryptocurrency you can do canadian

you can pounce sterling's you can do

yen whatever you want to do here but you

got to go through a verification

process you got to do their intermediate

verification level

so that's going to be again that basic

kyc stuff

you're going to need all your basic

documents you're also going to need some

kind of recent utility bill

saying like your water bill your

electric bill your i don't know

your your car payment something that

goes to the address associated with you

that has your name on it

they're looking just for another level

verification there

but let's say i want to deposit some us


from here this is where

it's not ideal okay it's not ideal

but it still is good okay so for example

we can use mvb bake

what's interesting is they give you

different options here so you can use

all these different banks

to participate in this or even this

custody service which is a little bit


but with this we can follow this


and from here we can go ahead and

deposit our us

dollars in but let's say you want to


and remember i said gemini had free

wires which is really cool

unfortunately kraken through these


do not they offer a very affordable wire

fee if you're dealing in any sort of


at about four dollars per wire i'm not

stoked about fees actually i hate fees

obviously i mean who doesn't really but


you know it's okay you sell you save up

you stack it up

you get some coins to do well you sell

thousands of dollars of coins

four dollar wire fees you know you're

gonna be able to eat that write it off

on your taxes just you know you can

legally do that if you're operating as a


depending how you're doing all this

stuff one thing you will notice about

their exchange

is really nice is and again again going

back to being the international exchange

and not

having to answer to the same regulatory

authorities you're going to see a lot of

cryptocurrencies on here

a lot of cryptocurrencies you may not

see on other exchanges

or at least several unique ones

especially harder to get to coins

to go from dollars to these coins for

u.s citizens

okay and you're going to see that as a

reoccurring theme if you're new at all

to this space

so with that you know we really enjoy

using kraken you want to talk about

someone we don't enjoy using

it'd be robinhood for cryptocurrency why

robin hood's a nice app for beginner

beginner stock traders and stuff like


but you buy these coins and you can't

send and receive them

out of the app you can buy bitcoin in

the app

and then send it out you can buy bitcoin

in the cash app and go through

additional verification and send it out

which we're going to talk about that

here in a second

but you come here you buy bitcoin on

robinhood i don't even think you're

really buying bitcoin i just think

they're giving you like a

a slip that says you bought this at this

price and they're going to honor it

you know to some degree here but that

that's it

you buy this st stays in your account

and that's it i mean it's

good if you're mainly stocks and you

just want to throw a little crypto there

and feel like you're crypto trading

yeah i mean it's better than nothing i

guess but

anyway that's a way you can you can and

you can link your bank account

pretty easy stuff and deposit your money

into robinhood

the front probably like a thousand

dollars for you give you more buying

power there

and you can again buy some

cryptocurrency that way but you can't

take it out the app

and it's just out of all the options

it's easily the least crypto

but it's still cool to see them

integrating crypto to any extent so i

don't want to sound totally negative

here i'm happy

that it's an option i just think it's

one of the worst options but i'm still

happy it's an option

another cool option for buying and

selling cryptocurrency

sending cryptocurrency and also just buy

or send sending and receiving us dollars


is going to be cash app okay we just

tweeted about this because it's kind of


when you're customizing your cash app

card because it'll give you a free debit

card to transact

with here they have a bitcoin stamp they

just like you know

stamp it onto the card built in okay


cash app jack ceo creator of twitter


big bitcoin supporters big time and they

make it

so seamless so easy okay i mean

that's what i was showing you earlier if

you look at this look at this

okay like that's the app cash app you

say you want to buy

okay one time purchase i know i should

like sync my screen up

and whatever but yeah gotta use space id

i got mixed feelings about face id but

uh yeah that's what we're dealing with

so you look at this

just like that easily exchange rate what

we're buying

the bitcoin purchase what we're paying

in fees and

just all that associated detail what's

very cool is i haven't

completed the additional verification in

their app yet but

um i know it to be true and everyone's

always so judgmental in nails

on the internet i hope my nails don't

look gross i mean they look

awesome but like i've definitely seen

worse nails anyway

so you can send and receive bitcoin from

the app and that is like

like that puts robinhood here and cash

app up here it's almost off the freaking

screen okay

because you can take it out the app it's

real it's verifiable

and that's cool that's absolutely cool

just like you if you're buying and

selling bitcoin and cryptocurrency if

you're getting involved in the crypto

space i mean look

none of this is financial advice i'm not

recommending you do anything

oh also speaking of recommended to do

stuff which i'm not really doing

if you do want to use cash app it's easy

pretty seamless to do i have a link out

in the description below

gives you five dollars when you sign up

and i swear this video is not all about

just like pimping referral bonuses on

you and everything like that

i mean you get five dollars i get five

dollars otherwise you download the app

you don't get five dollars and i don't

get five dollars

it kind of comes back to we can both win

or we can both lose i mean that's the

way they

build these sign up bonuses but this

video is more about just kind of as we i

think we're kind of going into

hopefully a really serious bull run a

lot of opportunities here

to do very well in cryptocurrency and

get involved is i just

wanted to make a fresh video here

talking about the best options right now

to turn your dollars into bitcoin and


so if you want to do that i've got links

down in the video description below

going over all this stuff with the links

the sign up bonuses and the best options

for you

there if you enjoyed it please subscribe

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