How to Buy & Sell BITCOIN, ETH, LTC, DASH, BCH with PAYEER in 2019 | Tutorial by OJ Jordan

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hey guys this is project here coming to

you with another helpful tutorial how to

exchange cryptocurrencies in pair many

people have been asking me I did a

tutorial a couple of years ago but pair

has changed their interface and their

options quite a lot since then so this

is my up-to-date pair tutorial on how to

exchange Bitcoin or aetherium litecoin -

even and Bitcoin cash now the accept

pair is a payment processor very similar

to PayPal digital or electronic wallet

whatever you want to call it they're

operating in about 200 countries

including Denmark Poland pretty much all

of the eurozone India Pakistan Nigeria

quite a lot of countries you have to

check whether it's operating in your

region depending on where you are the

one big country they are not operating

in is America they're not operating in

the US pair is a Russian website and

they don't really get along with the

Americans I'm afraid they are based in

Poland currently so they are operating

out of Poland and there will be some

basic kyc that will be necessary if you

want to do bank transfers and stuff like

that but it is not necessary for all

corporations now I'm going to show you

now how to exchange Bitcoin in pair but

that would be the same for night coin

for a few or - or any of the other

currencies that they currently accept so

let me jump into my dashboard and show

you how to do that


okay so let's get started the first

thing I'm going to do is login into my

account if you have not opened an

account you will have to sign up first

you can grab the link from below the

video of course and you can sign up if

you're going to be depositing with bank

accounts you will need to comply with

kyc procedures kyc means know your

customer so you will have to provide

name address perhaps even an ID but for

many of the features this is not really

required I have actually transferred

money straight into my account from

other payment processors I have not done

it via a bank account therefore I did

not need to follow the KYC procedures so

let me go and log in first I'm not going

to show you how to sign up it's a very

straightforward process so I assume you

will be able to do it on your own so

when I'm logging in I am required to

provide either my account number email

address or phone number if I have

registered it with my phone I'm using my

account number so I'm just going to

paste it here my password as well and

now I need to just verify that I'm human

which is why I need to enter these

numbers here now as the second

securities that I'm also asked to

provide the verification code which is

sent to my email address so now I'm

going to go into my email address I'm

gonna pull the verification code from

that email and I have to enter it here

and I strongly advise you to enable

these kind of extra security steps I'm

gonna show you later how to do that this

is my email and here is the code that I

need to copy ctrl C is for copy and ctrl

V is for pastes or you can do it with

the right-click copy paste okay let's go

next this is my dashboard so now I'm in

my account as you can see I have a list

of currencies here that are being

supported so these are basically like

separate wallets or accounts I have a US

dollar account

have $65 currently robla account is the

Russian currency because pair is a

Russian website after all euro account

because I am located in Europe as well

and Bitcoin account BTC there's also a

theorem bch which is Bitcoin cash LTC is

litecoin and - these are the current

cryptocurrencies that are being

supported Bitcoin - litecoin Bitcoin

cash and etherial I have a tiny amount

in my etherium account and a tiny amount

in my light-cone account these are

possibly Commission's because with pair

there's also an affiliate site so people

who have used my link when they signing

up for pair and they're executing

transactions and they're being charged

fees payer is paying me a small amount

of these fees that they collect to me as

a commission so this is why I have my

link in the description box below and I

urge you to use my link if you're

watching this video if this is helpful

to you and you're going to be signing up

for pair from this video from this

tutorial then of course please just use

my link now and also you can share your

link way when you get your account you

will have an affiliate link as well you

will be able to share it with other

people and also earn a little bit of

commissioner here and there it's not

really life-changing money it's not big

deal but it's something here is my

account and of course I've blurred the

account number and everything but you

can see here verification No that means

that I have not verified my account I

did not have to submit my information

sensitive data like address registration

and the passport ID is can or anything

like that yet I'm still able to use the

cryptocurrency options and I even have

fiat currencies here but the reality is

that I did not deposit fiat from my bank

account and this is why I didn't have to

be complying with this kyc procedures

otherwise I would and what you can do is

these are the options of pair I'm gonna

go through

this is the credit card or debit card

option this is how you can deposit money

into it but first let me just go here

into the settings and show you the

security settings this is what I'm

urging you to do here in some sub

security it's important to actually go

through these different options here and

enable the things that you need to do

for instance the authorization I have

set up to be sent a verification code

always to send a code to my confirmation

email this is why I had to go into my

email pick up that code in order to log

in also you can change your passwords

from here you can set up your master key

this is something that it will be

required again is a extra step of

security when you're doing transactions

especially if you're sending money okay

back to my dashboard 1176 dollars is

what is my rough estimate from all of my

holdings I have 0.20 6300 94 Bitcoin I

have zero point zero zero zero zero

22:08 a theorem and a little bit of

light coin so all together this amounts

to an approximate 1176 my available USD

balance is 6502 and this is what I'm

going to be using to purchase Bitcoin

today I'm gonna show you how to do that

so now let's go through the options here

on the left what do you have you have

this is your dashboard option then you

have credit or debit cards if you click

here you will see if you have already

used a credit or debit card it will be

linked here you can see this is the car

that I've used and it's even showing me

the payment amounts that I have

deposited with that card if you haven't

yet entered any details then you will

just have a button here to add account

the next button here is to try to add

money with different payment processors

so this is an alternative way to add

money into your payer

today I'm gonna just show you how to buy

your Bitcoin for the first time so let's

say that you have money in your paper

you can you can select this option you

can select your USD or maybe your euro

account if this is where you want to

send the money so if you have US dollars

in your paper you will select the USD

option if you already have euros you can

select the euro option or if you have

any other currency then you should

probably go for the USD option because

the dollar option especially for buying

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is

the most popular option it's much easier

to buy cryptocurrencies with dollars

than it is with euros because you just

have more people that are offering

Bitcoin for dollars rather than for

euros I'm going to show you what I mean

by that so I'm selecting US dollars I'm

selecting PayPal I want to add let's say

$100 this is what I will have to pay

after the fee because there will be a

fee that applies in it's currently 20

dollars so that's 20 percent that

they're going to charge me this is web I

don't really use paper or any of these

options I deposited straight with my

credit card which again it it implies

almost the same fee but I think it was

slightly lower and that was quite some

time ago so this will be changing you

just need to make sure that you check

these different options let's say if I

want to use advanced cash which is

another Russian website then I'm only

paying $2 fee so that's a much smaller

feeds 2% if I want to use perfect money

I'm also paying a smaller fee which is

101 so 1.8 percent is the fee if I'm

going to be using perfect money there's

quite a lot of them actually if I click

here I will open even more payment

processor options that and you can

unlock even more make sure that you go

through this and if you're going to be

using alternative payment processors

make sure that you compare the fees and

you choose the option that has

the most suitable fee for you SEPA this

is the European bank transfer option so

with a bank of Swift you know this is

the International money transfer option

so with SEPA and with Swift you will

probably be paying a fee directly to

your bank this is why here the fee

doesn't really reflect so these are the

ways to deposit money into your pair

account once you have deposited and

currently I have around sixty five

dollars you can go and you can actually

send money to another user this is the

transform option here you can choose

pair or you can choose to transfer it to

another payment processor again there

will be a fee and if you are

transferring Bitcoin for instance then

you will enter your Bitcoin address here

once you enter a wallet it will be saved

as a template and you can go to choose

template and you can choose that wallet

if you are going to be doing it multiple

times bear in mind there is a fee and

that fee is 0.01 bear in mind is the

same fee even if you are sending a

smaller amount so as you can see even

just for one point zero point ten

Bitcoin I'm still paying the same fee

which is zero point zero zero one

Bitcoin so it's in your best interest to

be making less transactions for bigger

amounts so that you are paying a flat

fee the higher the amount you are

sending the lower your fee will be in

percentage so if I'm going to be

transferring zero point one bitcoins one

percent if I'm going to be transferring

a smaller amount 0.01 then my fee

becomes ten percent and if I'm going to

be transferring 0.01 then I'm basically

paying a hundred percent fee so on it's

not in my interest to be transferring

that kind of amount I need to be

transferring at least zero point ten

Bitcoin and in that case I am paying a

one percent fee

okay the next option here this is the

option that you will be using if you

want to exchange

straightaway first of all you can

exchange between fiat currencies so

dollars stretch into euro but you can

also exchange here Bitcoin into dollars

this will be at the flat fee that pair

is providing so I wouldn't advise you to

go directly for that option because that

will not really be the best fee this is

why we're going to go into the next

option here down below this is the trade

option this is where you go if you want

to buy your Bitcoin and if you want to

really do it at the best price possible

here for pair and on the top of the

screen here I have Bitcoin exchanging

for pair USD now if you already have

money in your euro account then you

would want to change that here into

Europe right so now I will be exchanging

Bitcoin for euros and I will have to

have euro in my account

unfortunately look at the amount of half

it's really tiny 0.86 that's not really

going to work so it's you know it's a

very very small amount so this is why

I'm going into the pair USD option also

if I already have any of the other

cryptocurrencies I can exchange Bitcoin

directly for any of these directly for a

serial Bitcoin cash

litecoin or - but today I want to show

you how to buy it with your fiat

currency in this case I will be using

USD so this is by the way how the price

is going this is just showing me the

chart of the Bitcoin price anyway it's

currently standing so it's currently at

5500 online so these are the available

buy orders these are orders that are

provided by sellers other payer users

that want to sell Bitcoin and they have

already set these orders so if you want

to buy it straight away

you will have to be selecting one of

these orders this is the lowest one and

then the price goes higher and higher

and higher so if you want to be buying a

lot of Bitcoin the first available here

is for 0.004 8 if I want to buy more

than that I will have to not only buy

this offer but

also have to go to the next one

available and the next one is for 0.03

and it's a little bit higher and if I

was straight away if I want to buy one

Bitcoin that means I will have to be

buying all of these orders and I won't

be paying a much higher price if I want

to sell Bitcoin then I can compete with

these orders here and I will be

selecting my own price so let me first

show you how to buy if I want to buy it

at the lowest available price this is

currently the lowest available price as

I said this is what is available so this

is what I will need to pay only to buy

$26 78 for this much Bitcoin it's 0.004

80 608 I will be paying five thousand

five hundred and nine dollars with the

fee which is 0.25 percent you can see

here there is a fee it is an additional

1216 Satoshi so in total I will be

paying twenty six point twenty eight and

I will be getting this much including

the fee and everything I would then go

to buy and the order will be executed

however I don't really want to do that

I'm going to set a much lower price and

in this case I'm putting five thousand

three hundred

oh nine and I want to be using I can use

all of my funds which is 6502 let's just

do that I'll show you what's going to

happen I'm selecting buy now this order

has been placed this order incurs the

fee of 0.25 percent which is for $65 it

is 3060 to Satoshi don't be afraid of

the 3,000 amount it is Satoshi which is

the smallest denomination of Bitcoin and

if I want to see that order it's not

executed it's now going to be sitting in

my orders pending and waiting for

someone to actually want to sell Bitcoin

at that price so here in my others I can

see that this order is active but it is

not executed also what you will notice

if I go into my dashboard

you will see that now in my USD account

I have nothing the money that was

sitting here in USD $65 is now not

showing up anymore because now that

amount has been locked in with that

order and we can see that here in my

history this is the quick history of my

operations I have basically been debited

that 6502

dollars it's not gone anywhere yet it is

sitting in the order it has not been

executed but it's locked in this is why

it's no longer available to me so find

it I will go into the trade option here

again from here I will navigate to my

orders and I will see it here it is the

top order well I only have one at the

moment but if I had more it would have

been the one on the top so this is the

order that I currently place let's click

on it I can see the details for it it's

for 6502 dollars the price I want to buy

it is 5300 online if I want to cancel

the order I will click on refund money

and now this order has been cancelled if

I go into my dashboard I will see that

the money is back into my USD available

account so this is now available money

in my USD account before that it was not

available because it was locked into

that order

it's been credited into my account

before that

it was showing as being debited from my

account you can see it here so now let's

go and see if I want to sell Bitcoin

what I'm going to do I'm going begin to

trade because I want to set my own price

I don't really want to be using the

price of pair and here I'm going to

select the sell option again on top of

it here it is Bitcoin versus USD I'm

trading it against USD

I'm selecting the cell option and now

it's showing me what is currently the

highest asking price so currently there

is a bidder who wants to buy Bitcoin at

this price $5,500 five-day want to pay

and they want to buy $55 worth of

Bitcoin so if I want to sell it straight

away I will match this order and I will

sell them $55 worth of Bitcoin which is

zero point zero ten twelve three five

two for the price of five thousand five

hundred and five dollars if I want to

sell it higher than that then I will be

competing with these orders here so the

next one which is sitting here and there

is no buyer for that price is five

thousand five hundred online I can match

that order and I can compete with that

one or I can even go higher and I can

set my price I don't really have too

much any of these prices I can let's say

this is five thousand five hundred

online I might actually want to compete

with that but very close to it and I can

put five thousand five hundred or eight

and then I can select whether I am sorry

I'm selling so I can select five hundred

five thousand five hundred dollar eight

and I can choose whether to use all of

my Bitcoin amount or I can set it here

to be a smaller amount or even smaller

amount and so on so I can navigate from

here how much Bitcoin I want to sell or

even here I can choose to sell twenty

dollars worth of Bitcoin it's at this

price and it's showing me what is the

amount I have to sell and then I will

click let me just make sure that I don't

go too low so let's say I want to sell

it at five thousand five hundred and

thirty this would be $20 worth would be

zero point zero zero three six one six

six four and then I will click on sell

and this order is now being created it's

not been executed even though you see

success here it doesn't mean that I've

executed the order it means I placed it

so now if I go to my others will see oh

well in fact I did executed okay and now

I have 84 dollars in my account I had 65

before that now I have 84 of course

there was a fee for that transaction

this is why this happened now let's go

back into my trading account now if I

want to buy Bitcoin let's see what is

now the cheapest that I can buy it back

at so first of all in my history I can

see that I sold it at five thousand five

hundred and thirty and if I want to buy

it I can buy it for 5519 I can buy

twenty dollars worth of Bitcoin for 5519

okay now this is success let's go to my

orders I don't really see it here let's

go into my history I can see it here so

basically I sold Bitcoin at five

thousand five hundred and thirty and

then I bought it back at 5519 so as you

can see I thought zero point zero zero

three six one six six four Satoshi's of

Bitcoin and I bought back zero zero

three six two three eighty four so now I

have actually more Bitcoin then I

started with if I go into my dashboard I

can see that I have sixty four point

ninety seven dollars in my account but I

have zero point twenty sixty two nine

nine oh eight satoshis and I have been

credited zero point zero zero 36 for

in 78 okay so this is how it just traded

a Bitcoin so I just showed you how to

buy and how to sell Bitcoin with USD

with your fiat currency here in pair if

you want to exchange it for a film it's

very similar process you select Bitcoin

against aetherium and now you have here

orders placed by other users for selling

and for buying if I want to buy the

cheapest price per Bitcoin is 33 point

44 I want to buy one ethidium so this is

how much Bitcoin I will have to be

paying for one etherium or if I want to

be selling a video or selling Bitcoin

then I will be selecting one of these

orders of course the cheapest one is

this one here price per BTC is 33 point

11 and I can actually change that price

here I can make it thirty three point

zero zero that means that if I want to

buy bonus video I will be spending zero

point zero three zero three zero three

zero all for Bitcoin so then there is a

fee as well so this is how I can

exchange directly in theorem for

bitcoins I don't really want to confuse

you any further I don't want to make

this very long as well so these are the

basics you place the order here if you

select a different price than the

current asking prices and you're

selecting a higher price for selling or

lower price for buying then your order

will be pending and it will be listed

here in your outstanding orders that

have not been completed once your order

has been executed it will go here in the

history and as you can see these are the

two orders that I just did this is my

sell order for Bitcoin this is my

buyback order for Bitcoin right so now I

still have that outstanding amount here

in my USD wallet so let me just go and

place one more order just to make it

also for you to make it clear how you

place an

and this time I'm going to set it for a

much lower price because I want to buy

Bitcoin but I don't really want to buy

it at this price now I'm anticipating a

correction in Bitcoin and I'm hoping

that it will go all the way down to 48

hundredths or something like that so I'm

going to set an order for 4870 and I'm

going to use all of my amount that I

currently have in my used in u.s. dollar

account so this is what I just did I

just selected my own price I don't

really care about the prices here that

I'm seeing this is the price that I

personally want to be buying it and also

I've done my research I expect that

there is a possibility of Bitcoin going

down and correcting all the way to the

4,800 it may not actually get that much

lower it might just go to 5,000 or 4900

I'm taking a risk here of course but I

will be monitoring the price and if I

see that it's not going down to the

price I want I will go and I will cancel

that order and I will change it however

right now let's just assume that it will

do that in the next few weeks and I'm

not really in a hurry I'm setting that

price I'm selecting buy as we can see

it's sitting here in my pending orders

and it would just sit here until it gets

executed if I go into my history I will

not find it here in my history because

it's not been executed okay so now I can

go into my dashboard and again I have

zero balance in my years account because

it's not available to me it's been

debited from my US account and it's now

been held it's locked in with that order

that I just placed so let's say you want

to buy a theorem with your US dollar

it's the same process

you go to buy immediately it shows you

the cheapest order that someone else has

placed for buying Bitcoin it's the first

one here on the list and if you want to

match that order you just click on it

and it shows you what is the available

with room that they are

offering what is the amount in u.s.

dollar that you will have to pay this is

a really small order is just four four

dollars and if you want to buy it

straight away at this price you click

buy and you'll execute that order if you

want to buy it cheaper then you will set

up your price and you will set up your

amount that you want to buy and then you

will click buy I will not be allowed

yeah I will not be able to do that

because I don't have that much in my

account so this is how you do it in pair

it's actually not that difficult once

you do it you will get the knack of it

so this is everything for this tutorial

I hope it's helping you and if it does

share it with other people that might

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