Quadriga CX - Canadian Bitcoin Exchange Tutorial

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hey everybody hope you having a good day

and welcome to the channel today I'm

gonna be doing a step by step

walkthrough on quadriga CX and this is

going to be this video is gonna be

especially important for Canadians

because many of the popular sites that

people used to buy Bitcoin and trade all

coins only let you withdraw if you're

American and there's not too many

options for Canada right now the only

two that I personally would consider

that I would consider to be safe would

be coin Square and quadriga CX I've

already done a review on coin Square and

so I'm Randi went on query CX and I

actually prefer quadriga CX so to start

there's a link in the description box to

get you to sign up it has my referral

code in it if you use it that supports a

channel and I really appreciate it and