Avon.. How to Do Returns

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welcome to your Yvonne dot-com this

video will show you how to request a

return online to begin the process go to

your Avon comm enter your account number

password and click login under my

account click process returns next click

the credits & replacement tab from this

page you can search for the item you

want to return the best way to request a

return is to use the product number from

your invoice if you do not have your

invoice you can search by description

UPC number or campaign to search by UPC

type all 12 numbers below the barcode

from the product packaging select your

search criteria and click Submit

matching items from your purchase

history will be returned from this

screen you can request credit or select

a replacement for an item to receive

credit select credit from the drop down

box enter the quantity and select a

reason for returning to request a

replacement select replace a box will

pop up with the potential exchange items

select the replacement item you would

like if you do not see the item you

would like as a replacement please

request credit for the item and then add

the item you want on your next order if

you have additional items to credit or

replace click add more items when

finished click continue this screen

shows your pending credits and

replacements check the box to confirm

the items you want credit or

replacements for and click Submit to

Avon a pop-up reminds you that you have

28 days after you submit your credit

requests to create a return merchandise

authorization or RMA after 28 days you

will be unable to process additional

credit until you create an RMA or

rebuild your account next a summary

shows you your updated balance if you

are ready to create your RMA click

create shipment now for every package

shipped a unique RMA is required if your

products don't fit in a single package

click print

packing worksheet the packing worksheet

will help you organize your packages

remember only one are made per package

and one package for RMA if your return

fits in a single package click create

shipment now confirm the items you are

placing in the return package use the

extra piece option if you are returning

items that you do not wish to receive

credit for click Submit when you are

ready to create an RMA pick a shipping

method the United States Postal Service

or UPS if you would like to request a

pickup service with UPS check the box

UPS will bring a label with the pickup

service you will not need to print a

label for United States Postal Service

pickup follow the link to the USPS

website you will still need to print

avons return label click continue first

print a shipping list to be included

with your package next print your

shipping label and affix it to the front

of your package ensure all other labels

from the shipping box have been removed

or crossed out if you're using an Avon

box with handle holes it is recommended

to take the hole shut so product does

not fall out in transit click continue

to complete the returns process now your

return is ready to go you have 10 days

to deliver your return package to your

chosen carrier after 10 days you will be

unable to process additional credit

until your return packages shipped for

more information

reference the help tab