Returning Asos product

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this video shows you how to ship

something back to eight so so I recently

ordered a package from ASOS last week

and the shirt that I ordered is a little

jig so I want to go ahead and send it

back so yeah so you get your shirt or

whatever that you order shirt and

whatever ASOS give you this cool bag

when you first get the package so it's

exactly like this take the product put

it back in the bag complete to the

delivery notes right here so they

already have what I ordered right here

the quantity was just one the product

code the description of what I ordered

which is a raised

poplin shirt replacement I guess the

reason is I'm going to choose

number five doesn't fit properly

so then after that yeah so next to the

product size above select one of the

reasons did that you can place into


no Mike return okay can you go yeah so

after that take this off bring ABS will

take off this issues

seal the bag

right whip it over this receipt and

place it on here take it on the old one

and there you go

so after that I want to drop it off

their mailbox in the morning and draw

done and you should receive your refund

back from ASOS within 35 business days