How to Improve Yourself Right NOW (and Why) - Prof. Jordan Peterson

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What could you do to improve yourself?

Well, let's step one step backwards.

The first question might be: Why should you even bother improving yourself?

And I think the answer to that is something like

so you don't suffer anymore stupidly than you have to.

And maybe so others don't have to either. It's something like that.

You know, like, there is a real adjunction at the bottom of it.

It's not some casual self-help doctrine,

it's that if you don't organize yourself properly: you'll pay for it!

And in a big way. And so will the people around you.

And you can say: 'Well, I don't care about that!'

but that's actually not true, you actually DO care about that.

Because if you're in pain you will care about it.

And so you DO care about it even if it's just that negative way, you know.

It's very rare that you can find someone who is in excruciating pain who would ever say

'Well, it would be no better if I was out of this!'

This sort of pain is one of those things that brings the idea that it would be better

if it didn't exist along with it.

It's incontrovertible.

So you get your act together so that there isn't any more stupid pain around you that necessary.

So then the question might be: how would you go about getting your act together?