4 Tips To IMPROVE Your Public Speaking - How to CAPTIVATE an Audience

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So do what you can, where you are with what you have

and never be satisfied.

Anticipation is the ultimate advantage in business and in life.

Like, you're not 100% sure what could happen if you keep going.

You can do it

tomorrow is going to be better.

What do you tell people when they ask you

you know, how can I present like you? How can I get better?

The thing that really really helps

is that I've learned about the perspective

to change my perspective, so for example

I show up to give

and I always remind people that the most important thing

about being an effective presenter, an effective speaker

is you have to show up with a giving attitude,

you have to show up to give, you know something,

you've seen something, you've done something, you've tried something

that someone else thinks others need to hear

that's why they invited you to speak.

The problem is the number of people who show up to take, to get

and you can see it, it's very plain to see