Zelda: BOTW From Rust to Royal! #BreathOfTheWild

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what's going on guys Dark Star here with

a miller of aiming for you all today so

a lot of people were kind of annoyed

with all the rusted weapons that were in

this game and stuff and I thought that

was pretty funny seeing how a lot of

people don't know about this little this

little trick you can do in the game so I

wanna show you guys something pretty

cool I got this rusted claymore on the

bridge of hylia's right so I'm going to

throw away my my great

flame blade this we don't need

it and get some rusted a sword for my

club damage I picked up this halberd too

just in case to see if it would work on

next haven't tested on that yet

anyways we're going to fast forward this

part cuz it's just a bunch of

and I don't know how to get headshots on