2. Trusting Teams | THE 5 PRACTICES

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trusting teams I went on a business trip

to Las Vegas and they put me up at the

Four Seasons out there which is a

beautiful hotel and one of the reasons

it's a wonderful hotel is not because of

the fancy beds any hotel can buy a fancy

bed the reason the Four Seasons is a

fantastic hotel is because of the people

who work there that when you roam the

halls and somebody says hello you get

the distinct feeling that they wanted to

say hello not that they were told to say

hello we're highly tuned social animals

we can tell the difference it's like we

can always tell when someone's working

on Commission right you can kind of feel

it right we can tell the difference when

somebody's genuinely being friendly or

not they happen to have a coffee bar in

the lobby they're at the Four Seasons in

Las Vegas and one afternoon I went and