7 Ways to Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life (Android & iPhone)

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I think we can all agree that one of the

worst feelings is looking your phone's

battery percentage and realizing it's

either almost dead or when you're out

and about seeing that it's not going to

make it through whatever activity you're

doing and you're gonna have to just

restrict your phone usage it sucks but

there are some things you can do to

improve your phone's battery life on a

day to day basis so that's what we're

gonna go over now there's no magic pill

to magically double your phone battery

life for free or anything like that

unfortunately but there are a set of

best practices some of which you

probably already know and when you

combine these all together then they can

make a big difference so in this video

we're going to go over seven different

things that will improve your phone's