10 Tips to Improve Your Reading Comprehension

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Hi! Brian Dempsey here, and I just wanted to make a quick video to

address a couple things that came up in a discussion on Facebook

about reading and becoming a better reader

and so as we kinda went through this thread

online we were sharing some tips and ideas

about how to improve our reading comprehension

and so I thought I would share a few things that I do

and maybe this will be a help to you.

Number one when you read a book, and by the way we will

title this video 10 tips to improve your reading comprehension,

and so number one is from

Benjamin Franklin himself and what he said was never read a book

without a pen in hand and so on what took that to heart

I hardly walk to a mailbox without having a book

and a pen and so on if you have a pen in your hand

no matter what you're reading you have the opportunity to

underlined, highlight...personally I like to

scribble, circle, argue with the author. If you read in the

in columns in my book sometimes I write, well that's a great point

or you're a blooming idiot or whatever. But I

I really interact with the author