My Secret To Perfect Air-Dried Hair

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hi beautiful you look fabulous well you

look fabulous every day nothing new here

thank you for being here though you

might be a seasoned vet on air drying

your hair perfectly you might be like

Brad I already know everything there is

to know about air drying my hair maybe

not after today you might also be that

girl or that guy who says no no no no no

no no my hair gets frizzy its unruly it

gets nasty I don't have any wave pattern

I made her tell you today that you

aren't wrong anybody and everybody can

air dry their hair and still have a look

beautiful glossy shiny wavy and did I

say perfect well perfect of all my years

doing hair I've never come across one

single person who can't be taught how to

air dry their hair properly effectively

and still have it look fabulous and

gorgeous with absolutely no heat and