HOW TO | Make Your Freckles Pop | Superdrug

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hi I'm Emily and today's video is all

about freckles if you've been out in the

Sun and want to enhance your natural

freckles I'm gonna give you my perv

excerpts so first I'm going to use a BB

cream instead of a foundation because

it's got a lot less coverage in it and

it will give you that holiday glow

I actually prefer these all year round

so I'm gonna pop it on the back of my

hand and then I'm gonna use a big duo

fiber brush so you can actually use

these wet as well if you want even less

coverage what's great about Superdrug

zone BB cream is that it's a five and

one so it's got your moisturizer you

primer the foundation you can feel it an

SPF my next stage is concealer I'm going

to use a small brush to just do any

precision concealing in little areas