Voice Training Exercise | Easy steps to improve the sound of your voice

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hello its Peter Baker here from

voiceover masterclass comm I've been in

the voice-over business for a very long

time since the early 70s and one

question that comes up again in the game

is how does one improve one's voice and

the word improve what does that mean

usually when people say how could I

improve my voice they want to sound more

like an announcer with lots of resonance

and resonance or depth and voice is a

very good aspirational thing too to get

basically a resonant deep voice gives a

short Authority it gives you the the

sound of someone that you want to listen

to it makes it easier to listen to as

well so resonance is a good thing for

men and for women by the way and people

who have maybe a thin voice want to know

how to make it a little bit deeper well

it's kind of difficult on a video where