5 tips to INSTANTLY up your PHOTO GAME

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- What's going on guys?

Five things to instantly step up your photo game.

Here we go, let's get rolling, let's get right into it.

Number one, angles.

No more hip shots or blind fire,

we're gonna think about this.

Angles are huge, instead of just pulling out your phone

or your camera and snapping the subject,

be it an object or a person at whatever's the easiest angle,

just take 10 extra seconds and think about

where could this look cool from?

Objects typically look really, really good or way better

when they're taken from a waist level

so you're at the same perspective of the object.

Or just put a little thought into it.

Maybe just move around to the left or move to the right,

move to the back, just take 10 extra seconds

and think to yourself how can I make this look better

than just snapping it for the sake of just snapping it?

'Cause we all know, we get home,